A California Reader Says That A Simple Letter Eliminates All Problems Related To Visa Issuance
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From: Frank Kelleher (e-mail him)

Brenda Walker's Blog: More Than Eight Years After The 9/11 Terror Attacks, U.S. Still Can't Keeps Terrorists Off Airplanes

Walker wrote:

"The first line of defense, unfortunately, is the US State Department official in Nigeria who handed a travel visa to a man known to have terrorist affiliations. And there are thousands more in State who don't want to insult anyone in the countries where they are stationed."

The solution is so simple it's painful to think that it hasn't been implemented.

In his column stating that legal immigration is a bigger problem than illegal immigration, Joe Guzzardi cited a Center for Immigration Studies backgrounder written by a former tenured member of the U.S. Foreign Service.

According to David Seminara, the answer is to advise applicants of the decision regarding granting the visa by mail instead of face to face during the process.

That removes any ugly confrontations that inevitably occur when applicants are denied and makes the entire interview process less confrontational.

At the same time, a letter response eliminates the stress for consular officers on the visa frontline. [No Coyote Needed: U.S. Visas Still an Easy Ticket in Developing Countries, by David Seminara, Center for Immigration Studies, March 2008]

Kelleher lives in Hollywood.

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