A California Reader Points Out That Birthright Citizenship Will Make The Immigration Tap Impossible To Turn Off
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog item Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8) unmasked

"Kelly said that Congress could simply pass a measure clarifying the 14th Amendment to only bestow citizenship on the children of those here legally." Actually that's the incorrect legal response—if you want to solve the problem of foreign invasion, especially when we pass out green cards like Halloween candy.

A better response would be for Congress to clarify that  the 14th Amendment's Citizenship Birthright Clause only applies to US citizens, and specifically excludes all aliens from non-immigrant citizenship birthrights. To grant "legal aliens" citizenship "birthrights" is to presume they all have an allegiance to America, and the US Constitution, and will vote to protect and defend America. That's a false assumption proven by the Socialist voting record of our immigrant communities—they vote like foreign invaders and vote for foreign invasion and appropriation.

The entire purpose of allowing legal immigration was for the benefit of Americans, not the global alien community.

The entire purpose of the Constitution was to protect the rights, property and   territory of the American people and their descendants, not serve up America and its citizens rights and property as a pressure relief valve for the entire planet earth.

Immigration and alien births are after all the single largest source of population growth in America, not native growth, to ignore this fact is to ignore reality.

If we give Congress "wiggle room" to allow continued foreign invasion legal or illegal they will continue to invade—in the tens of millions rather than the millions.  Imagine hundreds of AirBUS 800s with 800 passengers per load landing 24/7/365 forever.

As an American I don't want to give up my right to regulate foreign invasion of my own country ever, and granting automatic citizenship birthrights to legal aliens would preclude the right to object forever.

Patrick Cleburne writes: In a strict and ideal sense, Steve Smith is quite correct as to policy and I agree with him. However, Jesse Kelly is correct as to procedure. Gabrielle Giffords, his opponent, was being inaccurate when she claimed action could only be achieved by a Constitutional Amendment (which would also probably not be as difficult as she says/hopes). Neither is a patriotic Judge essential. The most straightforward fix to the Birthright Citizenship is Congressional action.

Of course that would need moral courage.

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