A California Reader Isn't Fooled By Mexican President Felipe Calderon
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From: Marcellus Armiger (e-mail him)

The illegal immigration crisis in America is accelerating in large part because of the Mexican government does nothing to provide for its citizens. 

President Felipe Calderon is literally pushing Mexicans north.

In his recent state of the union speech, Calderon mentioned Mexico's dwindling reserves: "Our petroleum reserves have been reducing constantly, it has to be said. It has to be said."

But rather than proposing ways to increase oil production, Calderon seemed to accept there is no way for Mexico to drill its way out of the problem. Instead, he called for "an urgent reduction in public spending to reduce the enormous dependence on oil revenue." [Analysts Watch, Wince As Mexico's Oil Supply Dwindles, By David Adams, St. Petersburg Times, September 24, 2007]

Question: How does Mexico engage in "an urgent reduction in public spending?"  The only plausible answer: export more people!

Armiger works for a California State university. Read his previous letters here.

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