A California Reader Has Questions For Cardinal Mahony
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From:  Michael Campbell [e-mail him]

 Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: An Easter Reminder to Roger Cardinal Mahony—Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

If the Catholic Church cares so much for the welfare and education of illegal aliens, then I challenge it to put its money where Mahoney's mouth is, and open the doors of their hospitals, parochial schools, and universities to all illegal aliens, instead of forcing us Protestants, Jews, Muslims and lapsed Catholics to foot the tax bill for their misguided compassion. Let them prove they are not hypocritical liars.

Cardinal Mahony endorses "earned citizenship" for illegals that have jumped in line in front of immigrants from other countries.  I doubt that the Cardinal permits illegal immigrants without money or good grades to enter parochial schools ahead of families whose children have been on a waiting list for months.

And I wonder how the Catholic universities handle non-immigrant student visa holders their student loans when one of them forgets to renew his visa. Aren't they supposed to be so smart?

Finally, although I can't prove it, I'll bet that when illegal immigrants show up in the emergency rooms of Catholic hospitals, they are referred to public facilities.


Michael Campbell is a former reporter who lives in Northern California.

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