A California Hispanic Reader Accuses VDARE.COM Of Planting Its Letters
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07/04/07 - A New York Reader Does The Illegal Alien Math And Reaches A Shocking Conclusion

From: Izcoatl310 [e-mail him]

Re: A Reader in Alta California Is Still Steaming About Treaty Violations

That letter has to be a VDARE.COM plant man! It's also too well written for a vicious reconquista.

For once I agree with Guzzardi. I too live in the 21st century.

Discussions of the Mexican-American War of the 1840s belong in a US (or Mexico) history class. What would be the purpose of the Southwest being Mexico anyway? Wouldn't we (Mexicans and Mexican-Americans) just be clamoring to get into Oregon?

That said, tomorrow is the second cloture vote. I really don't have strong feelings about it either way frankly.

On the one hand, it would legalize millions and I think that's good. But, on the other hand, it will not solve illegal immigration from Mexico or anywhere else.

But, S 1639, if passed, will legalize millions and means we will be dealing with another gazillion illegals in ten years.

Is one supposed to believe that guest worker visa holders are really gonna return to their countries of origin after two years?

Get real man. What a joke!

At a minimum what is needed is a bill that ends illegal immigration.

Joe Guzzardi replies: I assured Izcoatl that the letter from Eric Vizcaino Coronado is most definitely not a VDARE plant. Izcoatl, a U.S. citizen born in Los Angeles, wrote to VDARE previously predicting that ultimately Hispanics will overcome in California. His letter is here.

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