A California High School Teacher Predicts America's Future
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From: Scott Patterson [e-mail him]

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Dropout Nation? MSM whitewashes the role of immigration

I'm a California high school social studies teacher and I read VDARE. COM on a daily basis, with Rubenstein's and Joe Guzzardi's contributions about education being of particular interest to me. 

In the recent past I've been a financial contributor to VDARE as well.  I very much support and appreciate the important work all of your dedicated professionals do for our country.

I am troubled because the officials of both major parties have whored themselves and the nation for their own self-aggrandizement and enrichment and are, for all intents and purposes, bought and paid for. 

Moreover each day somewhere about 3,000 illegal alien interlopers invade America, with the local, state, and federal governments each eager to lend them copious amounts of assistance in doing so.  This is not what our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for.

Looking at history's example, though, I anticipate that there will be a reaction to the present crisis put into action by a committed few—perhaps those who write for and read VDARE.COM. 

To be concise, I strongly suspect that the present Balkanization created by multiculturalism will be violently reversed on a local or regional level, and a new nation closer to the original Republic re-established.  When this happens, I expect to find ethnic, racial, and religious separation strictly enforced by the partisans on all sides, much as was the case in Yugoslavia during the 1990's.

In summary I am saying that America as we knew may fade until it disappears. But then it will reappear on a lesser scale but with increased cohesion. We may pay a high cost in human blood.

Of course, I hope I am wrong.

In addition to social studies, Patterson also teaches U.S. history and American government in Ontario, California.

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