A CA Reader Wonders Who Paid For Cardinal Mahony To Offer Mass At The "March for America"
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03/22/10 - A Virginia Patriot Predicts "March For America" Will Hurt Alien Cause

From: Paula Smydo (e-mail her)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: MSM Downplays Amnesty March

No march of illegal aliens demanding the rights they don't have is complete without the presence of Roger Cardinal Mahony.

And so it was with last weekend's so called "March for America" where Mahony offered Mass.

The interesting question is who paid for Mahony to get from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.?

There are considerable expenses involved. We can be sure that Mahony didn't fly coach or stay at a Red Roof Inn. I doubt if the Cardinal got around on the Metro.

The Los Angeles Diocese probably didn't fund his out of pocket expenses. Money is tight since the diocese sold assets to settle to the tune of $500 million dozens of pedophilia law suits.

Mahony's sugar daddy is likely the alien-loving Service Employees International Union which helps unscrupulous employers in the hotel and restaurant businesses.

Competition is stiff for title of most egregious offender in the immigration war. But it's hard to top Mahony and his enabler, the S.E.I.U.

Smydo's previous letter criticizing the Roman Catholic Church is here.

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