A CA Reader Advises Parents To Stay Away From UC Berkeley
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From: Curt Davidson (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A California Reader Thanks VDARE.COM For Its Efforts To Enlighten Americans About The Injustices Perpetrated Against Western Civilization

According to letter writer Carole Cummings: "Susan [her daughter] will go to UC Berkeley in the fall."

Mistake!! Danger there!!

Susan will most likely end up a left-wing radical.

My son interviewed for a graduate spot in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley seven years ago. My wife and I toured the campus.

What a den of weird students! And the city of Berkeley was as strange as the university.

Thank God our son went elsewhere for his Masters and Ph.D. that he just received this past week.

Escaping campus radicalism is tough no matter where your children enroll.

This autumn, my nephew will be a senior at Colgate University. He was wait-listed at Harvard despite SATS of 800, 800, A+ essay. Still, at Colgate, he's become a left-wing drone.

Educate your children at a college near your home so that you can protect them.

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