A British Immigrant Thinks VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow Is "Mad." He Replies
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From: Adrian Birkett [Email him]

To: Peter Brimelow [Email him]

Subject: When you hate others they hate you back. QED

As one Britisher to another, that all-white world we grew up in is not coming back.

And trying to force it is madness. Look at how the British treated the population of India. Physical violence is the only thing that works in the long run. Massacre after massacre until even those doing the massacring are repulsed. So we invited them into England, and look what happened! Now they flood the West with the best computer brains around. They're really nice people, I work with a few.

What the hell is going around in your brain? Do you really want civil war, because that's the only way to achieve what you advocate. And then what? America becomes a pariah state and is shunned by the world.

Bottom line, when you advocate hate, you are hated back. As you found out with that lodge in Yosemite. You are absolute poison to most people.

Other than that, you seem like a nice person with a lovely wife and daughter. Life is so strange like that. The banality of evil, as I think Hannah Arendt said. The Nazis adored Christmas and their dogs. Then kissed their wives goodbye, loaded terrified people into the back of a moving van, and turned on the exhaust hose into the back. Have a smoke and a few laughs, then dump the bodies out into a ditch.

Is this what you want? With all your education and worldliness, this is the world you see as the glorious future? You are truly mad, in the Dr. Strangelove sense. I hope you come to your senses before it is too late.

The author was born in Great Britain not much later than John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow.

Peter Brimelow replies: Sigh. Just a few points:

(1) I note my critic now lives in Whitopian Utah. (He included his phone #, which we have chivalrously redacted). 

(2) Even if "that all white world we grew up in not coming back," this is completely irrelevant to the  level and composition of the immigrant influx into the U.S. today, which is entirely up to Americans to decide.

(3) Miracles happen quite often in politics. Thus Middle East Forum's Daniel Pipes recently predicted "In the end, Muslims in substantial numbers, finding Europe uncongenial, will abandon it for Muslim-majority countries. I call this the 'separation of civilizations.'" I think it's entirely possible that this may prove to be be a First-World-wide phenomenon.


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