A Bored Reader Discovers A Good Idea About Female Circumcision And Other Blessings Of Diversity
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May 04, 2004

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An Angry Medical Professional Reports From The ER Frontline

From: A Bored Reader

Bored by an endless business conference call the other

day, I started browsing the wonderful Occidental Herald website. This is a bulletin board describing itself as:

"a free service that comments frankly, civilly, and incisively on breaking news of significance to persons of European heritage around the world."

I found a news report that the Norwegian Minister responsible for immigration has put through regulations obliging

"all would-be immigrants seeking residence in Norway… to sign a declaration confirming that they understand that forced marriages and female circumcision are forbidden under Norwegian law."

(The Norwegians, unlike most other European countries, can go ahead and do this because they had the sense not to surrender their sovereignty to the politically correct bureaucratic morass called the European Union.)

But what a tremendous idea! Aren't you sure Refugee Agencies, Women's Groups, and candidates running for office here will be eager to pledge their support for a similar declarations by immigrants that they will respect American traditions?

Perhaps VDARE.COM readers should ask them.

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