VDARE.com Has A Dream Too—An Immigration Moratorium! Help Us Realize It!!
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Peter Brimelow, Editor, VDARE.com

By Peter Brimelow, Editor, VDARE.com

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You’ve probably absolutely certainly heard that today was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

I think it’s fair to say that at VDARE.com, we don’t quite take the standard, utterly uncritical view of the “Civil Rights Revolution” that is now an imperative career necessity throughout America’s Main Stream Media.

  • We don’t think it has solved, or can solve, what the Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal called the “American Dilemma”—and that the attempt to pretend otherwise is a major cause of the repressive Political Correctness that now cripples public debate.
  • We think it came with very real costs that are also now unmentionable—for example anti-white quotas (“Affirmative Action”), inescapable crime and the devastation of once-great American cities, Detroit being only the most notorious example.
  •  Above all, we think the emotional spasm of which today’s ceremonies were an echo was exploited to pass the disastrous 1965 Immigration Act—which, combined with a simultaneous collapse in immigration law enforcement, is set to reduce the historic American nation into a minority in the country that their ancestors built well within the lifetimes of children now alive.

Treason Lobby propagandists are still trying to work this trick—see Immigration reform activists seize on 'moral tone' of civil rights movement, by Carrie Dann, NBC News, Aug 27, 2013.

Fifty years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his historic call for racial equality in the March on Washington, immigration reform activists are seizing on his "moral tone" in their fight for laws easing a pathway to citizenship.  

 “At the core, we are talking about the same thing,” says Clarissa Martinez de Castro, the director of immigration policy for Hispanic civil rights organization National Council of La Raza. “This is a conversation about the value of a person. It was the core of the conversation then, and it is the core of the conversation now.

Of course, this term “immigration reform” is just Treason Lobby-speak for the pending legislation aimed at amnestying illegal aliens—and simultaneously, unmentioned in the NBC article and in virtually all other MSM accounts, massively increasing legal immigration.

This will be a huge electoral windfall for the American Left, and a huge financial windfall for post-American plutocrats.

But, ironically on this anniversary, it will further immiserate American blacks, disproportionately lower skilled, whose continuing economic problems over the last five decades have been greatly exacerbated by job market competition from illegal and legal immigrants.

The single best thing that public policy could do for American blacks right now—and for that matter for American workers of all colors—would be to impose an immigration moratorium, a time-out with zero net immigration until the labor market tightens, unemployment falls, and wages rise.

But the option of an immigration moratorium is never even mentioned in public discourse. Instead, the political class, Liberal and “Conservative”, is trying to impose exactly the opposite on a muzzled and mugged American nation.

It’s almost as if they don’t really care about black Americans (and all American workers).

Only VDARE.com is exploring the immigration moratorium option.

That’s not unusual.

  • For years, we have been the only publication pointing to the importance of the white (formerly known, until the 1965 Immigration Act, as American,) vote—which finally entered MSM debate early this year.
  • We said impeachment was the only answer to Obama’s Administrative Amnesty back in 2011—and now the idea of impeaching Obama is ablaze among the grassroots and attracting repeated pre-emptive strikes from the worried Liberal MSM.
  • We have been estimating immigrant displacement of American workers since 2004: the federal government began releasing hard data in 2009; a couple of Washington D.C. think tanks have recently alluded to it; soon it will enter the MSM unemployment-reporting template.  A moratorium debate will—finally—follow

All of which is why I must ask you to help us (tax-deductibly!) now.

Remember, 2013 is also the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. I think about Lincoln’s speech more, because I really believe that, in a humble way, we at VDARE.com are also “testing” a “proposition”—whether journalism can survive with only voluntary reader support, outside of the corporate world.

Forty years in the MSM have left me convinced that it’s the only hope for true originality—and for the cause of patriotic immigration reform, which is ultimately the cause of America.

Please help us now. All of us at VDARE.com will be most grateful.

Peter Brimelow

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