VDARE.COM And The War: A Statement
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The long-awaited outbreak of the Iraq war is a somber moment, and especially for those of us at VDARE.COM. In the wake of 9/11, we argued that the answer to terrorism within the U.S. was immigration reform and border control.  Other articulate voices have been raised in agreement, notably the columnist Michelle Malkin, whose best-selling book Invasion was written in explicit response to the security failures exposed by 9/11.  But virtually nothing has been done.  

Instead, America's establishment is committed to seeking a foreign policy answer to terrorism, of vast ambition and indefinite scope, on the other side of the globe. Whatever the merits of this answer, it cannot be denied that a fraction of the resources devoted to it would have sealed the borders and ended the illegal immigration crisis.

VDARE.COM is not a full-service webzine.  We focus on immigration and National Question issues because we believe they have been neglected by the establishment media, both liberal and "conservative." The immigration reform movement is a coalition. Its members do not agree on this war. VDARE.COM will not take a position on it.

We will, however, continue to publish our syndicated columnists - who are also divided. And we will continue to repair the establishment media's failures to cover immigration.

At a time when Americans might be expected to unite, National Review has chosen to celebrate the outbreak of hostilities with an article by David Frum calling for a jihad against "unpatriotic conservatives" who have been critics of the war. These conservatives, Frum says, "are thinking about defeat, and wishing for it, and they will take pleasure in it if it should happen."

This is a shocking allegation which in a calmer moment Frum may well regret. For the record, VDARE.COM wishes for an American victory. We also hope for few casualties.

VDARE.COM makes a brief  cameo appearance in Frum's article because of a letter we published "celebrating" – as he puts it - the work of Professor Kevin MacDonald of California State University at Long Beach. Frum did not explain that the letter was in fact commenting on an essay about MacDonald's books by John Derbyshire – Frum's own colleague at National Review. Frum may disagree with MacDonald's application of evolutionary psychology concepts to Jewish organizations and their activities.  He may even be right. But the issue (as Derbyshire obviously thinks) is a legitimate subject for debate. And, especially, it cannot remotely be considered "unpatriotic."

Again, in a calmer moment, Frum may well agree.

Finally, on a personal note, I must say that for a British-American whose father and grandfather fought in World Wars, it's very hard to contemplate without emotion the spectacle of American and British soldiers – and Australians - in action together, once again.

Where is the Mexican army?

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