A Pro-War Column: American Eco-Terrorists Are Enemy Combatants
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As war unfolds, Iraqi sleeper cells and al Qaeda operatives aren't the only threats we face on the domestic front. Homegrown environmental radicals cast their own fatwah on America this week. And they're not just talking about lighting tea candles while they sing Bob Dylan tunes in their Birkenstocks.

These anarchist menaces are deadly serious about undermining national security through physical and economic harm.

In a manifesto published this week across left-wing Internet sites, infamous eco-thug Craig Rosebraugh called on his antiwar troops to take "direct actions" against American military establishments, urban centers, corporations, government buildings, and media outlets.

This is not an idle threat. Rosebraugh is former spokesman for the Earth Liberation Front, a violent guerilla group. Along with its militant ally, the Animal Liberation Front, ELF has claimed responsibility for a long string of arsons and vandalism, causing tens of millions of dollars worth of destruction, involving: crop experiments and test fields at university research centers in the Midwest; fur farms in the Pacific Northwest; meat vendors in the San Francisco Bay area; and department stores on the East Coast. ELF also takes credit for arsons at a ski resort in Vail, Co., inspired four teens to torch housing developments in Long Island, and recently fire-bombed sport utility vehicles at an auto dealership outside Erie, Pa.

Fed up with pansy peace march efforts, Rosebraugh is urging radicals to ditch "pointless" protests and wage outright acts of terror "using any means necessary." Already, in cities from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco, antiwar obstructionists have disrupted traffic and commerce, tying up precious law enforcement resources.

I am reprinting much of Rosebraugh's rallying cry to his America-hating leftists so you know exactly what we are up against:

1) Attack the financial centers of the country. Using covert or black block techniques...physically shut down financial centers which regulate and assist the functioning of U.S. economy. This can be done in a variety of ways from massive property destruction, to online sabotage, to physical occupation of buildings

2) Large scale urban rioting. With massive unrest and even state of emergencies declared in major cities across the country, the U.S. government will be forced to send U.S. troops into the domestic arena thereby taking resources and political focus away from the war.

3) Attack the media centers of the country...Using any means necessary, shut down the national networks of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. Not just occupations but actually engage in strategies and tactics which knock the networks off the air.

4) Spread the battle to the individuals responsible for the war and destruction of life - the very heads of government and U.S. corporations. No longer should these people be able to hide behind their occupations, living their lives in peace while they simultaneously slaughter countless people. Hit them in their personal lives, visit their homes, and make them feel personally responsible for committing massive atrocities.

5) Make it known publicly that this movement DOES NOT support U.S. troops as long as they are serving an unjust and horrifying political regime. Create an atmosphere lacking of support to assist U.S. troops at home and abroad in losing their morale and will to fight. If you are supporting the troops you are supporting this war and the very U.S. government that is the primary terrorist regime in the international arena.

6) Actively target U.S. military establishments within the United States...use any means necessary to slow down the functioning of the murdering body.

7) When engaging in the above six activities, strike hard and fast and retreat in anonymity...DO NOT GET CAUGHT. Do not get sent to jail. Stay alert, keep active, and keep fighting. Remember, an action is only good (especially at this juncture in U.S. society) if it will serve to severely disrupt the political system of the country, its economy, and the corporate interests that drive this society.

These green saboteurs aim to destroy our livelihoods and our military in the name of "peace." Our government must treat them as enemy combatants, not misguided imbeciles, and use any means necessary to stop them

Michelle Malkin [email her] is author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores. Click here for Peter Brimelow's review. Click here for Michelle Malkin's website.


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