Union Jackal On U.K. Immigration [4 ITEMS]: Georgians Heading To Ireland; Immigrants Boost Murders In Boston (Lincolnshire!); Albanian Smugglers Seek Customers On TikTok; ETC.
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See, earlier, by James Fulford: ”Actually, There Has Always Been Migration—But In Those Days They Called It Invading!

  • The Irish Have Georgia On Their Mind

With illegal immigration into Britain increasing exponentially via the beaches of Kent, it is assumed that illegals crossing Europe see England, and London in particular, as their destination [Channel Migrants—Crossing Number in 2021 Triple 2020’s Figure, BBC News, January 4, 2022]. But emigrants from one eastern European country, Georgia, increasingly want to go one step further and start a new life in the Emerald Isle [Surge in Georgians requesting asylum raises fears the country could lose its visa-free travel status in Europe , by Daniel McLaughlin, Irish Times, July 30, 2022].

New arrivals in Ireland from Georgia sought “protection” there in June at almost 1,000% the rate they did in January, and those six-month figures were twice those for all of last year. These new Irishmen and women—although they will be almost all men—are undoubtedly inspired by the Ukrainian mini-exodus to Éire, to give the country its Gaelic name, and now outnumber asylum seekers from that war-torn country. The problem: in contrast to Ukraine, Georgia is not a war-torn country.

Designated a “safe country of origin” under Ireland’s 2015 International Protection Act, Georgia will be offered membership in the European Union pending internal reforms. Given that EU membership is a jackpot for poorer eastern European countries—and one of the EU’s roles is transferring wealth from western to eastern Europe—why do so many Georgians still want to flee to the other end of the continent?

This was the question asked by Charlie Flanagan, of Ireland’s Fine Gael political party. It transpires that one of the required internal reforms is Georgia preventing its people from visiting Europe as tourists under visa-free travel that Georgians enjoy, then skipping off to seek asylum the way old Soviet defectors did. So Georgians are leaving now because their government will soon stop them being able to do so.

But why Ireland? Is it the Guinness, the colleens, the Rugby Union, a love of James Joyce?

Ireland is in an odd position. It borders Northern Ireland, notoriously a part of the United Kingdom (see the 1970s, the IRA, the Troubles, etc.), but Ireland itself is not a part of Great Britain. It is, however, an enthusiastic member of the European Union.

Welcome to Schengen. The Schengen agreement guarantees unlimited visa-free movement within the EU and was sold to Europeans as border-hopping liberty. In fact, if it had been specifically tailored to allow migrants to roam about until they find a welfare system that best suits their financial requirements, it is difficult to see what would have been done differently.

One clue that Ireland is becoming concerned about immigration: Ireland’s Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, proposes “a new scheme” which aims to cut the application process from its current two to three years to two months—after which applicants can presumably be expelled [Minister For Justice Announces New Regularisation Scheme For Long-Term Undocumented Migrants, December 3, 2021].

How did it reach its current state in the first place? Perhaps because Irish voters didn’t at first notice immigration, of which they have absolutely no historical experience, but now they have Georgia on their mind.


  • Immigrants Boost Murder Rate In Boston…UK, Not US

The population of small, once-sleepy Boston in Lincolnshire—Puritan settlers from which founded the somewhat better-known Boston MA—has swelled thanks to the gift of immigration [Life in Boston Where EU Immigration has Changed the Face of the Town, by Gurjeet Nanrah, Lincolnshire Live, December 17, 2020]. And so has the murder rate.

In the decade to 2011, between national censuses, the U.K. population born outside England, almost all of it from Eastern Europe, increased by 467 percent. The Daily Mail connected the rise in murder to the rise in the immigrant population; the murder rate in Boston is now three times that of London and Manchester [Britain’s murder capital is revealed to be the most segregated town in the UK as well: How Boston in Lincolnshire is the most divided AND has the highest rate of killings, by Kate Louise Davies and Ian Drury, January 28, 2016]. That’s coy, in a very English way: “Boston is the place where it was most likely someone would kill you, try to kill you or plot to kill you.”

The foreign-born population increase, and concomitant increase in mayhem and murder, has profoundly affected the community. And residents resent it, as the report from 2020 and a comment below it show.

Speaking of a Labour Party councilor who said immigration is a good thing, a reader offered this:

Perhaps the clown would like to explain away the direct correlation between violent crime and immigration in Boston.

 And these new “Bostonians” have not just pulled the name of the town out of a hat. Eastern European arrivistes have seen TikTok advertisements (see below) and moved in, as a practical matter, at the invitation of Her Majesty’s Government. What a pity they arrived just before Boston saw its murder rate rise so dramatically.

A recent victim of diversity: 9-year-old Lilia Valutyte. It’s difficult to read this short description of her death:

Lilia was reportedly playing with a hula-hoop with her younger sister before she was found with a stab wound.

 The suspect, now in custody, is Deividas Skebas, 22, whom the Leftist Guardian calls “a Boston man” [Lilia Valutyte—Man in Court Charged with Murder of Nine-Year-Old, by Jessica Murray, The Guardian, August 1, 2022].

Technically, he is “a Boston man” if the criterion for that is that he lives there. He is actually Lithuanian, as was the dead little girl.


  • Smugglers’ Ad On TikTok: Trip To England: $6,500

We already know TikTok is a Chinese data-harvesting project probably producing this year’s only decent global harvest [TikTok Engaging in Excessive Data Collection, by Sandy Buglass, Infosecurity, July 18, 2022]. But it’s also a platform to help ship illegal aliens to England.

Albanian people-smuggling gangs use TikTok to advertise their $6,500 ride there [Rise in TikTok Ads Among Albanians Selling Smuggling Operations to UK, by Fjori Sinoruka, Balkan Insight, August 8, 2022]. Obeying market principles, prices are decreasing as competitors vie for customers. One TikTok user advertised a summer sale with a knockdown price [People Smugglers Using China’s TikTok to Advertise £5,500 Channel Crossings, by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart Europe, August 4, 2022].

The Albanians, at least the criminal ones, won’t come to Blighty to see the sights, but instead because the English are richer than Albanians and, in the main, utterly unused to the ruthless trickery of Albanian mafiosi. Why be an Albanian gangster in Tirana, where no one has any money, when you can be one in Kensington, where everyone has lots of it?

Even the staff members at the Albanian Daily News read these syndicated TikTok news releases [Albanian People Traffickers Use TikTok to Advertise Illegal UK Entry, Albanian Daily News, August 3, 2022].

And they say the internet killed the travel agent business!


  • France Collects The Danegeld

Once you have paid him the Danegeld,
You will never get rid of the Dane.

So wrote England’s great poet of Empire, Rudyard Kipling, referring to the huge and violent Danish Vikings of the Middle Ages who hopped into their longboats to head for England for a bit of pillaging. The English paid them to keep away, like the protection rackets the American Mafia ran through the 20th century. But, as Kipling notes, if you keep paying to keep them away, they won’t stay away. They keep returning so you can pay them to stay away again.

Fortunately, the Danes found other pursuits such as inventing Lego and hard-core pornography, and attacks ceased. Unfortunately, England has replaced the Danes with the French, whom we pay to keep “migrants” from boating across the channel. France gets the money; we still get the “migrants.”

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/ActivePatriotUK/status/1558743051333505025: Sorry, that page does not exist

In 2021, for instance, Home Secretary Priti Patel agreed to pay £54 million to stop the boats [U.K. Agrees to Pay France £54 Million to Help Block Migrant Arrivals by Boat, Megan Specia, New York Times, July 21, 2021].  “Not one euro” has been paid on that commitment, but then again, the boats have kept coming. So Patel has come up with a better, more cunning plan: Work out another deal to pay the French to stop the boats [‘Happier if French did job’ Ex-Border Force officer hits out at Priti Patel France pay-out, by Thibault Spirlet, Daily Express, August 1, 2022].

The French responded immediately by releasing photographs of French police slashing one of the smugglers’ motorized rubber dinghies and smashing its engine [Police slash rubber dinghy and smash up engine to stop migrants getting to UK, by Jasper King, Metro, August 8, 2022].

But if history has taught us anything, it’s that the French are good at theater.

With their usual arrogance, the British political class and its Leftist media courtiers will call this “government money,” when it is in fact tax money from Englishmen.

It might be easier, and clearer for the taxpayers, if the Department of the Inland Revenue just gave Viking helmets to the French and have done with it.



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