Traitor Joe Fakes On Border Invasion To Stave Off Disaster In ’24 POTUS Election
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After 51 years in Washington, D.C., Traitor Joe Biden knows how to pivot. Having presided over a Camp of the Saints invasion at the southwest border to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation, now, he claims, he’ll get tough on illegal immigration. Biden ended POTUS 45 Donald Trump’s family detention policy, but now he’s supposedly ready to reinstate it. That’s just one stutter-step on border policy. He knows the invasion—almost 850,000 border encounters since October 1—greatly hurts his 2024 re-election bid. Reducing the numbers with a seemingly tough policy might diminish a Republican advantage. But don’t be fooled. His newfound approach will just boost legal immigration to America. And though Biden upset the Treason Lobby with some of the proposals, at the end of the day, his policies will advance The Great Replacement.

Biden changed direction on the border after Democrats lost the House in the midterms. His first plan: importing an undeportable horde of human beings that would have jumped the border if Biden hadn’t invited them. Just before the New Year, he announced parole status for up to 30,000 “migrants” per month from the countries of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. But that carrot came with the stick of immediately deporting any national from one of those countries who was caught crossing the border. Of course, the plan, again, merely legalized future illegals, and amusingly enough, the Regime credited this dubious idea with reducing border crossings in January, down by more than 100,000 from the previous month. But illegal-alien encounters customarily drop in January, something the regime forgot to mention [Unlawful entries along U.S.-Mexico border plummeted in January after expansion of migrant expulsions, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, February 2, 2023].

Secondly, last month Biden implemented a new rule that would, seemingly, slow down the invasion to a manageable, less-alarming level. The measure would allow the deportation of “asylum seekers” who cross the border illegally or fail to apply for asylum in a country they traveled through to get to the United States. It resembles Trump’s Remain-in-Mexico policy and, unlike the parole, it prioritizes deterrence rather than giving would-be illegals a legal way to come to the U.S. It’s supposed to dampen border crossings, as did Trump’s policy. But Trump never had anywhere near Biden’s shocking number of monthly border encounters. That’s partly because Trump’s policies discouraged asylum seekers [Biden Administration Announces New Border Crackdown, by Miriam Jordan, New York Times, February 21, 2023].

Biden is also considering deporting non-Mexicans to Mexico, despite publicly insisting he wouldn’t [Biden administration considers deporting non-Mexican migrants to Mexico, by Priscilla Alvarez, CNN, February 9, 2023].

But his latest move to reinstate the detention of families might be the most surprising and deceptive way to look tough on illegal aliens as he heads into the 2024 election. Right now, illegal-alien family units are released into the homeland and told to appear in court at a later date. But now Biden might detain them instead.

Family detentions were a major outrage to leftists during the Trump Administration, and Biden campaigned hard against them in 2020. “Children should be released from ICE detention with their parents immediately,” he said at the time. “This is pretty simple, and I can’t believe I have to say it: Families belong together.”

But the border crisis has apparently changed Biden’s mind. And unlike the idea of deporting non-Mexicans to Mexico, the administration hasn’t denied considering it. The left is furious, of course [U.S. Is Said to Consider Reinstating Detention of Migrant Families, by Eileen Sullivan and Zolan Kanno-Youngs, New York Times, March 6, 2023].

Indeed, Treason Lobby “progressives” have been furious ever since Biden released his parole idea. Seventy-seven Democrats signed a letter in January condemning his carrot-and-stick approach to the four nationalities. They insisted that illegals from the countries covered by parole should receive asylum regardless of whether they crossed the border or applied back home.

Leftist anger boiled over even more when Biden announced his restrictions on asylum seekers at the border. “It is in direct contravention of President Biden’s campaign promises to reverse Trump’s racist, xenophobic immigration policies, and give all folks seeking safety a fair shot at asylum,” said Jane Bentrott, counsel at open-borders nonprofit Justice Action Center [Biden Administration Announces New Border Crackdown, by Miriam Jordan, New York Times, February 21, 2023].

But now, with the possible return of family detention, that anger is volcanic. “I am disgusted and disappointed that our nation would ever consider reinstating a program that has been proven to cause harmful, long-term effects on migrant families, especially children, who have been forced to flee their home nations in search of freedom, safety, and democracy,” said Florida Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost in a typical broadside. “If this inhumane policy returns, we will join advocates & welcoming cities in fighting it, just as we did when all the past administrations instituted this cruel practice,” proclaimed the Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs [Democrats Are Furious Biden Might Bring Back ’Inhumane’ Family Detention Policy, by Rowaida Abdelaziz, HuffPost, March 7, 2023].

The ACLU promised the usual lawfare. “How we choose to respond to kids and families who come to our border fleeing violence and persecution says a lot about who we are as a nation,” the communist legal front tweeted:

We’ve fought previous administrations’ detention of families and we’re ready to fight the Biden administration every step of the way.

Given this seething Treason Lobby rebellion, why would Biden appear to do the right thing and slow down the invasion? Because he knows he has to buck the leftist crazies to have any chance in 2024—and not just on immigration [Playbook: Biden’s crude move to the center, by Ryan Lizza, Rachael Bade and Eugene Daniels, Politico, March 11, 2023]. 

But he especially has to change course on immigration. The public strongly disapproves of his performance on the issue. The latest Fox News poll shows that 61 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration. The issue overwhelmingly favors Republicans [Fox News Poll: GOP maintains advantage on top issues, but Democrats show some momentum, by Victoria Balara, March 9, 2023].

Biden cannot continue to permit more than 200,000 monthly illegal-alien encounters at the border. He must lower the numbers to diminish the potency of this issue for Republicans. So he does the unthinkable and brings back Trump policies. With little chance of a primary challenge from his left, that could be a smart bet.

Biden sees that Republicans are slowly beginning to focus on immigration—at least illegal immigration. It was a key focus of Trump’s speech at CPAC, where he endorsed mass deportation and sounded a lot like his 2016 campaign self. “Under my leadership, we will use all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history,” he declared. “We will pick them up, and we will throw them out of our country, and there will be no questions asked.”

He added that the “first reconciliation bill I will sign will be for a massive increase in border patrol and a colossal increase in the number of ICE deportation officers.”

Even better:

Other countries are “emptying out their prisons, insane asylums, and mental institutions and sending all of their problems right into their dumping ground. …

We will pick [illegal-alien gang members] up and we will throw them out of our country. There will be no questions asked.

That was the message on which he won in 2016.

Trump isn’t the only Republican contender highlighting immigration. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled an ambitious immigration agenda last month to toughen state laws against illegals. The plan would eliminate in-state tuition for illegal aliens, toughen penalties for those who aid them, and mandate e-Verify [DeSantis Blasts Immigration Laws Once Popular With Florida Republicans, by Matt Dixon, Politico, February 23, 2023]. The move was obviously announced to boost his presidential prospects.

DeSantis also focused on immigration in his recently released book, and even attacks “mass migration” itself, a position Trump has yet to take.

So Biden knows he must defuse the border invasion to take away a powerful talking point from his enemies.

But don’t buy it. Immigration patriots must remember that Biden wants to replace the GOP’s white base with Democrat-voting immigrants. The parole program will still import 30,000 “migrants” a month. Biden has also increased our nation’s refugee intake to record highs. He still wants Amnesty for every illegal in the U.S. and he still handcuffs ICE from deporting illegal aliens from the interior.

Remember what he said in 2015:

Folks like me who were Caucasian, of European descent for the first time in 2017 will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America, absolute minority. Fewer than 50 percent of the people in America from then and on will be White European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.

Biden enthusiastically supports the Great Replacement. He’s moving to slow down the illegal-alien invasion to win an election so he can spend another four years dispossessing and Replacing The Historic American Nation.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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