The Peter Morrison Report: Senator John Cornyn And The Log Cabin Republicans: Whose Side Is He On?
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Over the years, Senator John Cornyn has made it abundantly clear that he's a typical John McCain style Republican who professes to be a strong conservative when election time rolls around, but can't be bothered to consistently stand up for conservative principles once he's safely back in office. 

If that wasn't clear enough already, Cornyn has left no room for doubt by agreeing to speak tonight at a fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans.

The Log Cabin Republicans is an activist group of homosexuals whose agenda is to bring the Republican Party platform around to fully support the radical gay rights agenda.  They take their name from their belief that Abraham Lincoln was a homosexual, and they've been working for decades to achieve their goal of making the GOP as friendly to the sodomite agenda as the Democrats are. 

Over the years, they've made a lot of progress toward their goal, and they now have quite a few powerful friends in the Republican Party.

In fact, it appears that we're at an extremely critical turning point when it comes to the GOP and the gay rights agenda.  More and more Republican leaders are either remaining silent in this all important battle for America's future, or they're outright endorsing the homosexual agenda. 

Bill Clinton was a liberal, but when he was president he refused to endorse civil unions for homosexuals, but now it's nearly impossible to find a Republican who opposes civil unions, which are simply same-sex marriage under a different name.  Every week it seems as if another prominent Republican endorses gay marriage.

It looks as if John Cornyn has seen which way the political winds are blowing on this issue, and is testing the waters to see if it's safe for him to jump ship.  He claims to oppose the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT), and he also claims to be in favor of an amendment to the US Constitution that would define marriage as being between a man and a woman. 

His appearance at this fundraiser makes it clear that these positions are nothing but shams, and that they mean nothing to Cornyn. 

A federal judge just recently declared DADT unconstitutional after a group filed a lawsuit challenging the policy.  Which group filed the lawsuit?  The Log Cabin Republicans.  John Cornyn expects us to believe that he supports keeping homosexuals out of the military even as he helps raise funds for the group that got DADT declared unconstitutional? He wants us to believe that he favors amending the Constitution to ban gay marriage, but he's helping The Log Cabin Republicans raise more funds to keep working to make same-sex marriage the law of the land in all 50 states? Clearly, Cornyn regards conservatives with nothing but contempt if he thinks we'll fall for this.

If keeping homosexuals out of the military and banning same-sex marriage were really important to Cornyn, he would have nothing to do with this radical homosexual group.  His appearance proves that he "supports" DADT and traditional marriage only because he thinks it's politically expedient,  that doing so  wins him more votes than he would pick up by supporting gay marriage and homosexuals in the military.  If polls change, then he'll change his convictions to go along with them.  He is nothing but an opportunist. 

We shouldn't be surprised, given his recent track record.  He wrote to President Obama asking him to push hard for "comprehensive immigration reform", which is simply a euphemism for amnesty.  When Rush Limbaugh and others pointed out the blatant racism in Sonia Sotomayor's statement that as "a wise Latina" she would make better decisions as a judge than a white man, Cornyn attacked them, calling Limbaugh "wrong" and  "terrible" for stating the obvious truth.

Furthermore, John Cornyn isn't just speaking at the fundraiser.  The gay rights group is also honoring him by presenting him and several other GOP politicians, and gay rights activists, with awards for their work. 

Needless to say, they don't give these awards to people who they view as standing in their way of enshrining the radical gay rights agenda into law.  Here's how they sum up the meeting: 

"Log Cabin Republicans is fortunate to stand at this point in history, part of a Republican Party which recognizes the need for inclusion and unity around core conservative values," said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper. [Email him]"We celebrate our achievements and look forward to working with these and other allies in our mission of providing basic fairness for gay and lesbian Americans and building a stronger Republican majority."

[Press release, September 20, 2010]

It doesn't get any plainer than that.  This radical homosexual group regards John Cornyn as an ally.  Well, you can't be a conservative and also be an ally of people working to destroy traditional marriage and eradicate religious liberties for people who oppose gay marriage. 

John Cornyn needs to make up his mind, once and for all, whose side he's really on.

Peter Morrison (email him) is a businessman living in Lumberton, Texas with his wife and four children. He currently serves on the Lumberton ISD School Board and as treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party. He says "I believe deeply in the principles of limited constitutional government, the sanctity of life and that our state and nation should be run under Thomas Jefferson's principle of 'Equal Rights for All, Special Privileges for None.'" This article is from his free newsletter, which features commentary about current events of interest to Texans—sign up here.

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