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What’s really important to you?  More importantly, what are you willing to do about it?

We know how our enemies operate – and what they are willing to do.  One of the key influences of my life was Douglas Hyde’s Dedication and Leadership, the story of a former British Communist.  He described how the party members would give 8/14 of their income to the party every payday. 

It was that kind of dedication that allowed the Left to dominate politics for so long. 

Can we match it?

Americans are facing a battle for survival.  Make no mistake—current mass immigration, illegal and legal,  isn’t just the end of the American way of life, or material prosperity, or the future of our children.  It is all that, but it is so much more.  It is about whether we survive as a people. 

We know mass immigration hurts the economy, wages, the education system, our national security, our cultural unity, and our Constitutional tradition of limited government.  But these are the very reasons our enemies—and America’s enemies—push it.  Mass immigration is about taking vengeance on what they see as an evil, racist country.  And on the people who support it.

They want to destroy the country – because they want to destroy you.  They want to replace you. 

Don’t let them win because they are more dedicated. 

Why support is the intellectual ammunition for defeating Amnesty and the threatened increase in legal immigration.  It is the voice of the patriotic movement defying the elites who want to break apart our America. 

But more than that—it’s the organization that is going to organize the resistance.  We are going to take the offensive.

  • Conferences and events
  • Social networking
  • Video programming and original reporting
  • An expanded publishing effort

These and more are what we are preparing to unleash on our country’s enemies.  We want to expand our presence on the Internet – and on the streets. 

But we can’t do it without you.  

Our enemies despise you.  They want to dispossess you and eliminate you.  They want to “elect a new people” that will—PERMANENTLY—ensure that you are powerless in your own country.  And, unlike many of our ancestors—WE HAVE NO PLACE ELSE TO GO. 

It’s time to stand and fight.  And that means backing your principles with deeds.  And dollars.

On a slow week, attracts over 100,000 regular visitors.  If each one of them only gave one dollar, we would meet our budget almost instantly. 

We aren’t doing this because we like it, or because it makes us feel good.  We certainly aren’t doing it for the money.  We are doing it because if we lose… nothing else matters. 

Let’s not let our enemies win because they wanted it more. 

This is the key battle of our time.  This is the institution that can turn the tide. 

Stand by us… and we will stand by you.  And America. 

Please donate now.  Please donate generously.  

And someday, our enemies, shocked by their defeat, will talk in hushed tones about the dedication of the patriots who beat them back from the halls of power.


James Kirkpatrick

P.S. Don’t forget to submit entries for our 2013 War On Christmas Competition!—email to [email protected] 

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