The Great Immigration Debate
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Globalization & National Identity

Featuring Peter Brimelow & Peter Laufer

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Griffith Film Theater (Bryan Center)
Duke University

Presented by the Duke Conservative Union

Illegal Immigration remains one of the most pressing and painful issues facing the American public. In this hotly anticipated event, two experts on the subject, Peter Brimelow and Peter Laufer, will discuss not simply political policy, but the deeper questions of nationalism, assimilation, and multiculturalism in the twenty first century.

Peter Brimelow is the editor of the conservative website,, and is the author of Alien Nation: Common Sense about America's Immigration Disaster (1995).

Peter Laufer is a broadcaster, journalist, and the author of Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the Mexican American Border (2004).

This debate will prove to be one of the most controversial events on campus this semester and is sure to attract national attention.

Questions can be directed to:

Richard Spencer

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