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NPR vs. VDARE.COM; etc.

National Public Radio just did a piece on the Sierra Club flap. Some loyal readers thought it referred to VDARE.COM as a Neo-Nazi website. We think, in our tolerant way, that it depends how you parse this sentence from the radio report:

"The websites included the Neo-Nazi website,, and another called Vdare." [Listen. in RealAudio]

Sierra Club President Larry Fahn was quoted as saying "To pull up the drawbridge, or dismantle the Statue of Liberty is just really not the right approach." Fahn also claimed that for the Sierra Club to raise the issue of immigration restriction would divide their membership—odd, since polls show that immigration restriction is enormously popular with the American people.

Instead, Fahn is throwing the weight of the Sierra Club behind a cause that no more than about 50 percent of Americans support at any one time: the Democratic Party. is in fact an explicitly anti-Semitic website, which scalped our Brenda Walker's piece (without either asking or paying for the privilege) and added the feverish headline Save The Sierra Club From Homo Jew Takeover.

VDARE.COM is not responsible for that—anymore than the Village Voice is responsible for VDARE.COM, although we reprinted Lawrence Chua's review of Alien Nation, in which Chua said  "His fear is justified. We will bury him."

NPR spent a large part of its segment on Mark Potok, the prime mover in the SPLC's intervention in the Sierra Club affairs. (The Sierra Club staff welcomes the SPLC—I guess it's what Wall Street takeover strategists call a "White Knight"…if the term is still permissible).

Potok is a professional hate-hunter who blamed Gary Bauer and Pat Buchanan for the much-publicized gay-bashing murder of Matthew Shepherd. He's quoted on the leftist website, Tompaine.Com, as saying:

"The Alabama-based Law Center, which monitors and considers it a white supremacist site, thought a longtime effort by anti-immigration activists targeting the club might be coming to fruition, Potok said. is named after the first white child supposedly born in colonial America, Virginia Dare. 'You thought those population activists were discredited and went away,' Potok said. 'But they haven't. This has been a stealth campaign.'"

Actually, we had thought that the Southern Poverty Law Center had been about as discredited as any organization in American public life. But they're still in there punching.

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The New York Times has also done the template story on the Sierra Club insurgency, finally:

"Mr. Zuckerman has referred admiringly to the writings of both well-known and obscure advocates of immigration controls. One, John Tanton, a former Sierra Club official who later founded the Federation for American Immigration Reform, has drawn national attention and received financial backing from conservative foundations. Another, Brenda Walker, a Sierra Club member, recently urged readers of the anti-immigrant Web site www to join the club and vote for the outside candidates.

"In a column about Hmong immigrants on that site, she wrote, 'So will thousands of drug-addicted polygamists be welcomed into America in another escalation of multiculturalism against American values?' [Hmore Hmong? Polygamous Hmong?]

Mr. Zuckerman said Monday, 'I wouldn't make that statement myself, but I think it's cultural,' adding, 'I don't think that's a question of race.' [Bitter Division for Sierra Club on Immigration, by Felicity Barringer; March 16, 2004. Links added.] 

Note the criticism of Zuckerman for having "referred admiringly" to the writings of two people, and thus being held responsible for every single thing they ever said.

This is typical witch-hunting behavior. And of course the Times doesn't provide any answer to Brenda Walker's question. Nor does it provide the context: drug use and polygamy are indeed part of Hmong culture.

That's why they're not really suitable as immigrants.

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