The Fulford File, By James Fulford | Immigration Terrorists In Canada
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Canadian immigration has been in the news with 17 Muslim terrorists arrested in a bomb plot. That's not surprising. Muslims are like that. If this article was about them, it would be headlined “Immigrant Terrorists In Canada”. But that's not the point.

The point is that it's the policy of Canada's Liberal establishment to import all kinds of foreigners for its own political purposes – and to denounce all criticism of this policy as “racist”. The Liberal Establishment is the real problem. The Muslims are just a symptom. The Liberals are the true “Immigration Terrorists.”

This goes back to what I can only call the “reign” of the late Pierre Trudeau, a man who has recently been written up by biographers as so autocratic, that he made a famous (in Canada) disrespectful gesture to Queen Elizabeth, because “he strongly opposed the palace protocol that separated heads of state from heads of government.” That is, he couldn't stand the idea of not being treated as a monarch, by his own Queen.

While this was partly his own problem, it's also part of Canada's National Question.

Canada, while it was still a British colony, was formed from two nations, French and English, the French component being the losing side in what Americans call the French and Indian Wars, England and Europe call the Seven Years War, and French Canadians (still) call the Conquest.

As a French-Canadian Liberal, Trudeau simply didn't care if Canada's historic ethnic character was maintained or not. Trudeau's admirers spent a lot of time thinking he was Canada's JFK. Actually he was Canada's Teddy Kennedy, the man who opened the immigration floodgates.

His policy was one of multiculturalism, which he practically invented. (Canada had previously had biculturalism, which is bad enough.)

The Canadian Government, or rather the Canadian Civil Service, has a web page called, Forging Our Legacy: Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, 1900-1977. It details the ethnic transformation of Canada's population under such headings as “Canada abolishes its racist immigration policy.”

“When the new regulations were implemented on 1 February 1962, Canada became the first [emphasis added] of the three large receiving countries in international migration–the other two being the United States and Australia–to dismantle its discriminatory immigration policy. In 1975, [sic, 1965] the United States embarked on a similar course by introducing amendments to the Immigration Act, which came into effect in 1978. [sic, 1968]Australia abolished its White Australia policy in February 1973 by simply announcing that it would grant citizenship on conditions applying equally to all.
This1962 change was under a nominally Conservative Government. But it says here that “truly bold moves in policy had to await the Liberals' return to power.” Since the authors of this paper are non-partisan Canadian civil servants, (which means, in Canada, that they're almost certainly Liberals, just as the same kind of functionary in the US is almost always a Democrat) they don't want to say what I said recently: that there's a simple political equation in Canadian politics: One Immigrant=One Liberal Vote.

(The exceptions have traditionally been refugees from Communist countries, who think the Liberal program looks strangely familiar.)

More about the ethnic transformation of Canada from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website:

New faces in the immigration queue

“The changes set in motion by the abolition of Canada's racist immigration policy and the introduction of the points system did not take long to become apparent. In 1966, 87 percent of Canada's immigrants had been of European origin, while only four years later 50 percent came from quite different regions of the world: the West Indies, Guyana, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, and Indochina. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, newcomers would more often than not have emigrated from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, or Latin America; and they would settle in disproportionate numbers in the lower Fraser Valley (the heavily populated area extending from Hope, British Columbia, to Vancouver), the Toronto area, and the greater Montréal region. To even the casual observer, it was obvious that visible ethnic and racial minorities were becoming a significant part of Canada's social fabric. By contrast, other parts of the country, such as the four Atlantic provinces, remained virtually untouched by this immigration.”

However, there's another view of this ethnic transformation here, all from one blog, VDARE contributor Michael Monastyrskyj's Dispatches from the Hogtown Front But Canadian Liberalism isn't just a massive, self-perpetuating kleptocracy, like the Mexican PRI. It's also, in its mild Canadian way, an ideology. It goes with speech codes, with political correctness, with a refusal to face facts about human nature.

For the past week or so, Canadian police, who arrested 17 Muslims, some of them born in Canada, have been more or less refusing to admit that they arrested 17 Muslims, or that Muslims are dangerous.

The big news here, as it was last year in Britain, that large sectors of the immigrant population don't, won't, and in many cases can't assimilate.

Canada and the United States both need to realize this.

Perhaps the only thing that could make Canadian Liberalism alter its pro-Muslim stance would be if they could get it through their heads that Muslims are intolerant—hating gays and using Hindu gods for target practice.

Then you might see some action, of the kind that in Canada is usually targeted at Christian preachers and the far Right.”

But here's the basic idea—if the entire Province Of Quebec, Trudeau included, couldn't assimilate to Canada in the years since 1759, why should anyone expect Muslims to change in 30 years?

People in the American Southwest might ask the same thing.


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