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I'm not Scrappy…I'm An American

Rarely does a day pass without my longing for a good old-fashioned Revolution.

But after much contemplation I have come to this startling conclusion:

This is getting me nowhere.

So I'm traveling throughout the southern United States, visiting family over the Christmas holiday. 

Now then, some of you are undoubtedly not lucky enough to have roots in the South. So before I continue, I will provide this brief description:

It's hot, it's humid and had it been a Southerner who served the last Supper, Jesus would have drunk iced tea instead of wine.

Just kidding…actually I'm not, but I digress.

In my opinion, the South is home to all the history that makes America both great and terrible.  You see it in the battle fields and the cotton gins, the magnolia trees and the Mississippi River:

The American Dream

I should take a moment to explain something…

This is not the American Dream of today—the get-out-of-jail free card that immigrant apologists love to play in a vain attempt to justify illegal behavior.

You know, it sounds something like this:

Jose and Maria scaled that fence into Texas, enrolled their children in public school, had another baby in a local hospital at taxpayer's expense and then filed for federal aid on behalf of their newborn American child because they want to live the American Dream…

No—what I am referring to is the dream of old. 

  • Men and women who turned bare land into the thriving crops that fed a nation;

  • travel and trade that crammed to capacity the long line of boats that sailed from Wisconsin to Louisiana;

  • Poor men became wealthy and immigrants became American.

And these Southern men are special, in my opinion.

They have rebel blood in their veins—these are the descendants of those who stood first to defend the Constitution and states rights…they lead the charge when it was time to protect the United States from invasion in 1812.

For example: That Tennessee man of mine, Andrew Jackson.

Before anybody starts having kittens, this isn't about what you or I think about slavery or any other nasty slice of history. This is about personality—this is about pride.

But I can see problems, as I travel around.

Illegal labor from Mexico is taking over the South, just as it hijacked California and every other border state in the country. 

Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana sustained tremendous damage from Hurricane Katrina and there is a lot of clean-up to be done.

So…there are now thousands of illegal aliens all over the place.

Roadside stands that once sold crawfish and boiled peanuts now sell tamales and tortillas.  Signs that hang in stores and buildings are now written in Spanish.

Biloxi, Mississippi could easily be confused with Los Angeles, California and that is a terrible, terrible shame.

But hurricanes are hardly new in the South. And the locals have always cleaned up the mess. So what gives?

Of all the Americans in this country, I would never have believed Southerners capable of tolerating an invasion like this…yes, an invasion. 

Even I even began to feel that it was over—that we finally lost the battle and it was time to give up and go home.

As strange as it sounds, this is how I think most of America feels: That the problem is too big, too widespread for anybody to stop it. 

Then I started remembering about that Revolution…something that would either return some order to the country or reduce it ashes—either way, the slate is clean.

This is a different battle isn't it?  We won't win it with rifles and cannons.  (Note that, Southern Poverty Law Center.)

This is a political battle. And, in the end, public opinion influences politics.

Remember, tells the real stories—the stories that will inspire a nation to rise up and demand accountability from its government…the way we did long ago.

If you want to fight this immigration invasion, then support 


You can subscribe to the LA Times, the New York Times or any of the other sheep-like MSM rackets. But take my word for it…they aren't helping matters at all. I think their sole purpose in life is to ruin America.

Think about it this way:  if you give money to those guys who do nothing but make the problem worse, why wouldn't you give to us? 

Take that fifty bucks or whatever it is you throw away on your Times subscription and give it to—we will actually do something good with it.

I suppose I should beg a bit more. But this is serious business and I don't have much time for sugar right now.

(Ok…I can hear the laughter from certain colleagues at the idea that I am ever sugary, so zip it now, guys.]

The end of the year is HERE! and we have to resume the battle in 2006! so donate to!—NOW!

Please…remember where we've been, look at where we are now and imagine what we will be tomorrow. 

Stand with and fight for America—or ignore my plea and let her fall…it's up to you.

As for me, my experiences of the last week have taught me this:

If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting…with

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