Specter Marches On…Or At Least He'd Like To
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Imagine for the moment that you are the Vice President of Human Resources for a huge American corporation seeking to fill a key position.

Among the resumes submitted to you is one from a sickly 80-year old man wanting not only to be hired but also to be signed on for a six-year guaranteed contract.

His resume would go straight into the trash and the V.P. in charge of personnel could be forgiven for thinking that some nut case submitted it.

Nut case or not, that's exactly what Sen. Arlen Specter will be asking Pennsylvania voters to do in 2010—re-elect him to one of America's most important jobs even though he's recovering from his second bout with cancer and would be 86 when his term ends—unless he expires before it does.

We at VDARE.COM have written about how curious sets of circumstances can propel otherwise unqualified politicians into high office from which, unfortunately, they cannot easily be dislodged.

Curiously, all three of the most prominent examples rank high among our biggest immigration reform foes.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is one. Feinstein is a hard charger for guest worker programs and a nasty trick called "private bills" tailored for individual alien sob stories.

Another glaring case in point is Barack Obama who, an obscure state senator only a few years ago, is on the verge the U.S. presidency. Obama supports everything bad ranging from licenses for aliens and open borders.

To that list we'll include Specter who, during his stint as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, did all he could to push through amnesty and huge increases in visas and green cards for foreign-born workers.

Specter's biography as an elected official is telling.

When Specter, now a token Republican, started his political career in Philadelphia in the early 1960s, he was a liberal Democrat

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