SAID IN SPANISH [7 Items]: Mexico Still A Major Highway To U.S; Mexican Meddler Ebrard Plans MORE Consulates In U.S.; Elvira Arellano Still Making Trouble; Remittances To Mexico Increasing—Tax Them! Etc..
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Mexico Still A Major Thoroughfare To The U.S.

The Biden Border Rush continues, with most of the invaders passing through Mexico. So what’s Mexico doing about it?

Well, some illegal aliens are detained and deported, but many get through to the U.S. border. As Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies has observed, in late December Mexico allowed 30,000 to 50,000 “migrants” holed up in Tapachula, which is near the border with Guatemala, to move to the U.S. border [Mexico’s Duplicitous ‘Ant Operation’ Moved Tens of Thousands to the U.S. Border Sight Unseen—and Will Again Through 2022,, January 17, 2022].

With Biden in the White House, we can't depend on Mexico to stop the flow of illegals passing through its territory to ours.


Illegals Found Packed In Trailers

Several recent cases in the coastal Mexican state of Veracruz exemplify what’s transpiring, and the lengths to which people smugglers go.

Officials recently stopped a semi-truck with 359 illegals stuffed into the trailer:

Following a strategy to curb people trafficking, the INM (Instituto Nacional de Migracion, Mexican immigration bureaucracy) rescued 359 Central American migrants, crowded into a semi-trailer.

At approximately 3:30 a.m., the truck was traveling on the Coatzacoalcos-Veracruz freeway, when a group of federal migration agents detained the truck to carry out a routine check, “when they heard voices coming from the rear part of the vehicle.”

“Upon opening the doors they found migrants crowded”…249 from Guatemala, 38 from Nicaragua, 15 from El Salvador, 8 from Honduras and 4 from Ecuador.

[INM rescata a 359 migrantes que viajaban en un tráiler en Veracruz (“INM rescues 359 migrants traveling in a trailer in Veracruz”), by Isabel Zamudio and Karla Guerrero, Milenio, January 16, 2022]

Three days later, authorities in Veracruz discovered another 338 mostly Central American illegals; 334 were packed into one semi-trailer, the other 54 (Central Americans) discovered in a bus:

The drivers of the vehicles were detained for human trafficking while the migrants were taken to the INM installations to proceed with their deportation.

[INM detuvo a 388 migrantes centroamericanos en Veracruz ("INM Detains 388 Central American Migrants in Veracruz”), Infobae, January 20, 2022]

But how many get through?


Asylum Requests In Mexico Up Almost 90 Percent

Some of the non-Mexicans request asylum in Mexico, which gives them the right to stay there legally. Then, perhaps, they can jump the U.S. border later.

In 2021, the Mexican government received 131,448 requests for asylum, an increase of 87 percent from the previous year’s 70,341 [Solicitudes de asilo en México aumentaron 87% en 2021; haitianos encabezan la lista (“Asylum Petitions in Mexico Increase 87% in 2021; Haitians Head Up the List”), by Enrique Sanchez, Excelsior, January 5, 2022].

Though petitioners came from 110 countries, most were from these:

  • 51,857 Haitians;
  • 36,361 Hondurans;
  • 8,319 Cubans;
  • 6,970 Chileans (children of Haitians);
  • 6,223 Venezuelans; and
  • 6,037 Salvadorans


More Mexican Meddling: New Consulates Planned, “Trans” Birth Certificates Issued In U.S.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry is one of the country’s most effective government agencies, and the man who runs it, Marcelo Ebrard, is a savvy, intelligent political operator and diplomat who, I suspect, might wind up being Mexican president someday.

On January 17, Ebrard hosted a media event promoting his foreign ministry and its agenda in North America, its main focus of activity.

Among the issues discussed were the plan to open Mexican consulates in New Jersey and Oklahoma; as well as the opening of new mobile consulates in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Raleigh, Chicago and Orlando [El secretario de Relaciones Exteriores presenta los avances en la atención consular en América del Norte, SRE, Comunicado #015(“Foreign Minister Presents Advances in Consular Attention in North America, Communique #015”),, January 17, 2022].

Two days later, Ebrard announced a groundbreaking announcement of interest to the "transgender" movement:

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced today that beginning today, the consulates of Mexico will issue birth certificates to trans persons, without the necessity of Mexicans being required to travel to Mexico.

[Canciller entrega primeras actas de nacimiento por reconocimiento de identidad de género en oficinas consulares de México en el exterior, Comunicado #019 (“Foreign Minister Delivers First Birth Certificates for Recognition of Gender Identity in Consular Offices of Mexico Abroad, Communique #019”),, January 19, 2022]

The foreign minister waxed eloquent: “We are speaking of persons to whom today the Mexican state in the United States is freeing from semi-secrecy, from permanent marginalization and every type of violence.”

Ever the showman, Ebrard made his announcement to coincide with the consulate in Orlando, FL delivering “trans” birth certificates to “trans” Mexicans residing in the United States.

“[I]t’s not a paper,” Ebrard said, “it is something that changes your life, it means that your liberty and dignity are recognized.”

The foreign ministry explained it this way:

Through these actions, the SRE re-affirms its commitment to advance the construction of secure zones for the LGBTTIQ+ in all its consular offices, which since 2019 have offered the option for all persons without distinction of gender to contract matrimony outside of the national territory.

 “Wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico,” proclaimed Felipe Calderon (president from 2006-2012).

Update that with Ebrard’s view: Wherever there’s a “trans” Mexican, there is Mexico.


Pregnant Woman Fails To Cross Rio Grande

Mexican border authorities in Piedras Negras, across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, Texas, rescued a 23-year-old pregnant Nicaraguan from the Rio Grande. She was almost 8 months pregnant, and trapped on an island with hypothermia during a sub-freezing cold front.

Many illegals don’t make it across the river:

It’s estimated that the flow of migrants is continuous at this border between [the Mexican state of] Coahuila and Texas, where this past year rescue agencies recovered 166 cadavers of non-Mexicans and Mexicans who died, drowned in their attempt to reach the famous “American Dream.”

[Rescatan a mujer con embarazo de ocho meses cuando intentaba cruzar el Río Bravo hacia EEUU (“Eight-Month Pregnant Woman Rescued When She Attempted to Cross the Rio Grande to the United States”), La Opinión, January 17, 2022].

And that 166 dead counts only those recovered on that section of the border.

Does the Biden administration bear any blame?

Maybe if he hadn’t announced that the borders are open, which gave those 166 the incentive to leave home—where they belong—most would be alive.


Elvira Arellano At It Again

Remember Elvira Arellano, the Mexican illegal alien who claimed sanctuary in a Chicago Methodist church in 2006-2007 and became an instant celebrity?

By 2019, she was working with Pueblo sin Fronteras (People without Borders), funded by George Soros and led by the dual citizen subversive, Irineo Mujica.

Now, the U.S.-based La Opinión reports, Arellano’s duties put her on a boat in the Usumacinta River, which divides Mexico and Guatemala. She’s there cheering on the illegals entering Mexico [Elvira Arellano, 20 años de pelear contra las deportaciones (“Elvira Arellano, 20 Years Fighting Against Deportations”), by Gardenia Mendoza, La Opinión, January 19, 2022]

When Arellano’s craft pulls alongside a boat with 30 Central Americans who intend to cross illegally into Mexico, and then most likely into the United States, she calls out on a megaphone: “Guys, you have human rights. Migration is a right. The police in Mexico can’t intimidate you.”

Then she passes out some pamphlets with information about shelters and emergency phone numbers.


Remittances To Mexico On The Upswing

Remittances to Mexico from Mexicans in the U.S continue to increase, Excelsior reports:

The sending of remittances set a record in 2021, reaching 46 billion, 833 million dollars during the first 11 months of the year, 26.7% more than the 36 billion, 954 million dollars accumulated in the same period of 2020.

The estimate for the entire 2021 calendar year is about 51.8 billion.

[Creció población migrante en EU; ingresos por remesas, en su nivel más alto (“Migrant Population in US Grew; Remittance Income at Its Highest Level”), by Karla Ponce, January 4, 2022]

And the more remittances increase, the greater the Mexican government’s incentive to meddle in U.S. domestic politics to keep the border open.

Too bad Trump didn’t act on’s long-standing suggestion: these remittances should be taxed!

The proceeds could have been used to build the Wall.


American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here; his News With Views columns are archived herehis US Inc blog items are here, and his website is here.

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