"Robbin` Hood"—Armed Robbery And Redistribution In The Age Of Obama
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The first couple weeks of September were exciting for anyone watching local Main Stream Media news in Los Angeles, with three car chases within days of each other.

The third one, on September 12, was probably the most interesting. It began around 10:15am as a bank robbery in the far north suburb of Santa Clarita but ended as a low-speed police chase through south-central LA,

The suspects hurled clouds of cash out the window of their getaway SUV. Their apparent motive was to draw people into the street behind them, and that part of it definitely worked. Fortunately, the police were not significantly hampered: the whole thing was over by noon, with the suspects in police custody (two of five, anyway—the other three had bailed out on foot earlier on in the case—only one now remains at large) and a mob of several hundred curious and somewhat rowdy 'hood dwellers dispersed.

Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. The final scene seemed close to breaking into mass violence. But so far Steve Sailer has been correct that, after the L.A. riots, black people stepped back after a long hard gaze into the abyss where they were headed.

The real circus began immediately afterwards. Reporters on the ground were earnestly trying to get first-hand accounts of the chaos that had happened. But their interviewees just kept talking about how great it was that the bank robbers "gave back to the community" and explaining that this is what happens when people don't have jobs.

No criticism of these viewpoints was reported by the MSM, assuming any had been collected at all, even after it came out that the bank robbers were part of a gang and that this incident was likely part of a gang activity.

MSM news outlets—all of them, as far as I can tell—also stayed away from any mention of race, no matter how obvious or relevant.

Even insinuations about race were deemed risky. For instance, CBS News described how "Along the pursuit's route through a low-income part of the city, people were seen scooping up the money.”[Bank robbery suspects hurl cash from speeding SUV during chase in L.A., September 13, 2012] But one Politically Correct commenter “micman666” caught onto this trick and quickly rebuked the news outlet, claiming that "the onlooker reaction would have been the same in downtown Beverly Hills."

(Note of optimism: many of the other comments on various news sites fiercely condemned both the bank robbers and the people who ran out and took the money. I encourage you to peruse the various sources and comments for yourself.)

Part of me would like to see “micman666”'s assertion put to the test. Maybe somebody should go steal a bunch of cash from a drug dealer's house in south LA and then throw armfuls of it out the car window in front of the boutiques along Santa Monica Boulevard, making it harder for the drug dealer and his homies to give chase (especially if they are also riding in cars, not shirtless and on bicycles).

I'm sure all the gays, runway models, and high-powered executives would dash unthinkingly into the street and push around on their knees in the smog-dust, scraping up whatever ill-gotten scraps of filthy currency their now-blackened fingernails could separate from the pavement.

Another part of me, however, worries that dispersing stolen money among ghetto companions in a way that creates news spectacles will become more common. After all, these criminals were depicted as heroes by virtually everyone interviewed on camera—and no effort was made by anyone in the MSM to counter that depiction.

I saw at least one interviewee (an older woman) threaten that unless the government does more to help poor black people, incidents like these would happen again.

Realistically, incidents like these will probably remain rare. But it is still a troubling prospect, made worse by the certainty that the MSM will continue to refuse to call things what they are.

Boss Aktuba [Email him] lives in Los Angeles and works in the film industry, which is why he uses the obviously fake name "Boss Aktuba" to write for VDARE.com.

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