Peter Brimelow Responds To A Thoughtful Tennessee Reader About The Future
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Many thanks to readers who have continued to help us with our Christmas fundraising drive—but if you haven’t yet, we still need your help!

When I launched, on Christmas Eve fourteen years ago, I was quickly impressed by how many articulate Americans there are out there—professional journalists are quite wrong to think they’re anything special. Which is a relief, considering their monolithic Political Correctness.

Here’s an instructive example that e-arrived this weekend from a Tennessee reader. I’m interspersing it with my thoughts. He writes:

Don't take the lack of donations personally. 

We don’t—and we’re always deeply moved by how many old friends rally round. Internet fundraising is subject to alarming hiccups (another one as I write this!) but we think we’re about halfway to our $60,000 goal.

People who have been productive citizens for twenty or thirty years now find themselves jobless and penniless while the government prints even more money and imports more immigrants and refugees to displace Americans.  In the last three months I've lent approximately $3000 to unfortunate friends.  I doubt I'll ever see that money again.

Also, I personally have seen a drastic reduction in income.  If you're fortunate enough to have money, where do you put it?  I scratch my head and pray.  My financial adviser scratches his head and prays.  Bitcoin anyone?

(Hope the financial advisor knows that donations to are tax-deductible!)

Tragically, our reader points to a very real factor—there’s just an incredible amount of pain out there in America, we see it in our email all the time. And the real impact will be felt by the Millennials just getting out of college, who aren’t even really aware of it yet.

All we can say is that we truly believe tightening the labor market, by cutting off legal and illegal immigration, is the single best solution—and we must say it, because no-one in the political Establishment, GOP or Democrat, will. 

Another factor; we've lost.  Both United States senators from Tennessee voted for the Schumer/ Rubio “immigration reform” [= Amnesty/ Immigration Surge] bill. Seeing that's like watching Atlanta burn as  Sherman marches south from the flames. Senators like Alexander and Corker have stealthily opened the gates while the middle class napped and watched football. The smelly, foul Orcs are streaming in. It's over.

But Schumer-Rubio has still not passed!—despite a whole year of triumphalist trumpeting and drumbeating from the MSM. And it likely won’t. I do believe, and frequently say, that mistaken public policy is dooming the U.S. to a terrible fate—but I still think it could suddenly all be turned around. Nobody thought the Soviet Union would collapse.

I began to feel the pain of multiculturalism in the 80s when my formerly white blue collar neighborhood in Nashville turned black thanks to the meddling of the courts, a prominent lawyer, and a crusading idiot of a newspaper editor. (Both of these guys’ neighborhoods are still white.)

Typical. Make a good story—must sic Nicholas Stix onto it...if we have the money to pay him.

In 1997 I began to notice large numbers of Hispanics.  Now that neighborhood is Black, Laotian, Kurdish, Hispanic, Muslim, Somali, Sudanese, Indian, Pakistani—Third World. 

Thank you, Catholic Charities. Thank you, federal government. Thank you, greedy contractors.

Electing a new people…

The town I moved to in 1998 south of Nashville (also blue collar white) is becoming just as Third World as Nashville.  So I moved to the mountains of east Tennessee where I'm making my final stand, just hoping live out my days in peace.

Not an option for me, for this reason:

Brimelow Descendants

None of my children, pictured earlier this year, will be anywhere near as old as I am now in the 2040s, when American whites will become a minority and the Founders’ America will cease to exist. (Admittedly, I’m pretty old). For their sake, surrender is not an option.

Never the less, I'm still considering a donation.

I want to thank this reader for his consideration, and for his graphic portrayal of what public policy is doing to America.

I believe it can be stopped—but that, whatever happens, the historic American nation can find a way to survive.

That’s what is all about—and why I’m asking you to help us now.

Peter Brimelow [Email him]is the editor of His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in kindle format.

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