Peter Brimelow: Help Patriots Defeat Ruling Class Immigration Fanatics!
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Above, the back cover of Alien Nation, 1995, featuring Peter Brimelow and his then four-year old son, Alexander.

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I meant to write this last week, but was delayed because was taken down by what seems to have been a wave of DDOS attacks:’s Spring Fundraiser has been keyed to the interesting fact that an unusual number of immigration patriot anniversaries occur in April—for example, our star writer John Derbyshire’s purging from National Review (their loss—he’s free at last!) and, this year, the fiftieth anniversary of Enoch Powell’s epochal and prophetic speech on Third World immigration into Europe.

To which I would like to add: me.

Twenty-three years ago this week, I was on the road promoting my book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster which, incredible as it now seems, was published by the impeccably Establishment firm of Random House.

height.576.no_border.width.1024In those days, before the internet took hold, you sold books through hard retail campaigning. My tour was organized like an intense political campaign. I remember I flew to Washington D.C. on two hours sleep and, among several other engagements, was interviewed by Brian Lamb for Booknotes, still occasionally shown and by far my most unsettling encounter because of Lamb’s eerily glacial impartiality.

But blanking out everything: the Oklahoma City Bombing of April 19, 1995. I was being interviewed in the Bloomberg studios on the first day of the publicity tour when the news began to flare across the TV monitors.

For a couple of days thereafter, the fear in the eyes of my immigration enthusiast debating opponents was stark. They already knew, after their disastrous defeat in California’s Proposition 187 initiative the previous year, that their position had no support whatever in the country at large. Now they were afraid that a popular backlash would rout their elite enforcers.

In the event, of course, a native-born American, Tim McVeigh, was arrested and the elite enforcers proclaimed that white militias and "Hate Radio" talk show hosts were to blame. The Alien Nation book tour became a nightmare of cancelled TV appearances and aborted print stories. Under the circumstances, it is testimony to the underlying power of the immigration issue that we garnered the ultimately rather large volume of publicity that we did.

Naturally, for the next few years, I wondered: what if the Oklahoma City perpetrators really had been immigrants? Would that have finally gotten immigration into national debate?

Fortunately for my peace of mind, although tragically for America, 9/11 came along and resolved the question: No.

It would have had absolutely no effect on the national debate that America’s borders were so demonstrably insecure—any more than the subsequent long list of Immigrant Mass Murders has done.

Unbelievably, Muslim immigration into the U.S. has actually increased since 9/11.

The simplest conclusion: America’s Ruling Class, what is sometimes now called the Deep State, is just flat-out determined to impose mass non-traditional nation-breaking immigration upon America. And it will not listen to dissent.

themanwhoI'd draw the same conclusion from the example of our long-time writer Steve Sailer whom I count as an April immigration prophet because he was featured in a major New York Magazine article exactly a year ago (April 30, 2017). Looking at Trump’s victory, writers Park MacDougald and Jason Willick concluded:

The Trump strategy looked an awful lot like the Sailer Strategy: the divisive but influential idea that the GOP could run up the electoral score by winning over working-class whites on issues like immigration, first proposed by the conservative writer Steve Sailer in 2000, and summarily rejected by establishment Republicans at the time. Now, 17 years and four presidential cycles later, Sailer, once made a pariah by mainstream conservatives, has quietly become one of the most influential thinkers on the American right.

Of course, Sailer did first write about the “Sailer Strategy” for us way back in 2000. It was ignored the Ruling Class, liberal and “Conservative.” And it did elect Trump in 2016.

With any other issue but immigration, this NEW YORK story would have been a breakthrough. But as far as I can see there has been absolutely no follow-up. Steve has not been invited to appear on television. He has not been asked to contribute Op-Ed articles to the New York Times or Washington Post. He has not even been quoted any further by the Main Stream Media—after predicting the most dramatic electoral upheaval in American history.

Of course, this makes no difference to Steve Sailer, or to us. He continues to sit in California in his pajamas writing, we continue to publish, our readers continue to read.

But it’s further evidence that America’s Ruling Class simply does not want a debate on immigration.

And that is why it is essential that continue to get the truth out on immigration. You will not get it from the Establishment Main Stream Media—Left or“Conservative.”

That’s why we need your help—now.

Please give generously, I, personally will be most grateful.


Peter Brimelow


P.s. Let me add a further point. Precisely because America’s Ruling Class does not want a debate on immigration or on many other issues, there’s been a coordinated clampdown since the election on all Political Incorrectness—attacks on public appearances, shadow-banning, deplatforming, and, of course, DDOS attacks. This extends far beyond the Dissident Right and affects even well-established conservative scholars and academics.

But we must face the possibility that we may one day lose the internet.  Already Facebook, once a significant source of traffic, has become virtually useless to us.

Accordingly, I urge you to sign for our print magazine, the VDARE QUARTERLY here—and, even if you cannot afford to donate, for our free weekly contents bulletin here.

To adapt Winston Churchill, we may have to fight in the hills. But we shall never surrender.

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