Needs More Whistleblowing! Juan Mann Appeals To Immigration Lawyer Patriots
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[Note to immigrant editor: American popular culture reference in headline explained here]

While the Treason Lobby is chock-full of attorneys bought and paid for by every pro-immigration special interest group under the sun, the real, patriotic immigration reform movement has precious little public support from esteemed members of the bar.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) closes in on achieving a 10,000 attorney army representing illegal aliens, criminal alien residents and American-replacing H-1B (employment) visa-holders from sea to shining sea. But are there any patriotic attorneys out there—actually familiar with the inner workings of the federal immigration bureaucracy—willing to lend a hand for our side?

So far . . . not many!

I've been observing the real immigration reform coalition since going public with in November, 2001.  I published just about everything I have to say about the federal immigration litigation bureaucracy of the Department of Justice's Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) in my Absolutely Definitive Essay in December, 2005.

But so far, the silence from immigration-savvy attorneys has been deafening.

Some exceptions:

  • Recovering immigration attorney Matt Hayes—familiar with the EOIR – wrote columns for Fox News and others.  He even spoke out against corrupt snakehead lawyers in New York City.

  • I received an excellent whistleblowing letter from a former Immigration and Naturalization Service attorney in June 2002.  The attorney finally left the INS "[a]fter 4 long years of banging my head against the wall and listening to people lie and be rewarded with permanent residence."

In other words, it's a rare event when I receive e-mail from attorneys commenting on what's really going on in the inner sanctum of the EOIR immigration court.

But it just so happens that a recovering immigration attorney sent me some comments via e-mail this past week.

The attorney wrote:

"I'm a lawyer in [X city].  I have a very limited exposure to asylum cases; all Chinese.  I've never represented an asylee ab initio [from the beginning]; I've always picked them up at the interview stage.  Some friends are immigration lawyers so I earned easy money on their overflow.  I'm in civil litigation and family; 60-40 [percent].  I have represented some asylees at the EOIR for master calendar hearings—perhaps 10 to 15.  Once I did a merit hearing.

"I dislike the EOIR process as inimical to good lawyering and dropped any overflow work from it.  I haven't done an asylum hearing in several years and don't ever seek that work.  I believe most asylees lie through their teeth.

"I am a strong believer in no amnesty; repatriation over time, militarize and lock-down the border and screw Vicente Bush and his friend, El Fox."

Let the truth be told, my friend.

So things are starting to fall into focus here.  This attorney's portrait of the EOIR looks a lot like the extensive observations of the whistleblowing attorney mentioned earlier. And of course, it's all right in line with my ultimate solution to Abolish the EOIR

Eureka!  There's a pattern here!  When someone actually tells the truth about the EOIR, the picture isn't very pretty . . . since using endless litigation as a mechanism for deportation of every illegal alien in the country is a system destined for collapse.

So before the so-called immigration "debate" in the Senate reaches even higher levels of absurdity, America needs some courageous whistleblowing attorneys. . and now!

It's time to stand up and be counted in order to put a stake through the heart of what's really wrong with the federal immigration law enforcement bureaucracy . . . the EOIR.

Tens of thousands of Americans in and out of government must be familiar with the rigging of the so-called deportation system—namely, the rigging in favor of bringing aliens in, rather than deporting anyone, of course.

So won't you stand up and tell your story?

Why not start out by dropping an e-mail (anonymous or not) to 

You'll be glad you did—and so will America.

Juan Mann [email him] is an attorney and the proprietor of He writes a weekly column for and contributes to Michelle Malkin's Immigration BLOG. 

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