Gingrich And Super Rich Against American Workers—"Red Card" Program Means GOP Congressmen The Only Americans Whose Jobs Will Be Safe
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Newt Gingrich's immigration plan is so bad that the New York Times's Bill Keller likes it. 

Keller's December 11 Op-Ed on the subject was called "The Good Newt." The plan Keller likes so much is the so-called "Red Card" plan promoted by the Krieble Foundation, owned by Helen Krieble, an heiress who was inspired to work for  amnesty when the horse ranch she owned couldn't find enough cheap workers.

What Keller isn't saying is that Gingrich's plan to legalize illegals without giving them permanent residence would mean that they'd never be Democrat voters.

This  means that the only American jobs protected by Gingrich's plan would be those of GOP Congressmen.

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