Getting to know your friendly neighborhood "grassroots cells"
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suggestions for what one man (or woman) can do

Can one man make a difference? I sure hope so.

Many visitors to the "grassroots cell" have asked what we can do to stop illegal immigration and fight for immigration reform. So by popular demand, here's some suggestions for getting started.

In a nutshell: get informed, join a lobbying group, contact Congress and local politicians, and remember to be generous with your checkbook in supporting established immigration reform groups. But where to begin?

First of all, the immigration reform movement is alive and well, and living on the internet. The truth is out there, and if you want to get involved, it's all waiting for you. So get ready to add some new "bookmarks" or "favorites" to your collection and start surfing! Since you managed to find, you're probably already curious about immigration issues. If you're not familiar with some of the flagship web sites out there, take a look at the DeportAliens links page. There's a lot of information in there, so take advantage of it. All of the immigration reformers are either my personal favorites and/or have actually contacted me about their work (except the bad guys, of course). So check them out.

To start your immigration reform journey, try scanning the immigration news filter sites like The Stein Report and American Patrol Report. You can get up to speed on the latest breaking immigration-related news of the day. If you want to start getting down to business, join a good lobbying group — or two, or three! I highly recommend The Federation for American Immigration Reform, known as FAIR, as well as Numbers USA and Project USA. Sign up for their e-mail updates and pitch in to help with their good old fashioned grass-roots lobbying! When they put the word out to let Congress know what you think, pick up the phone and let the e-mails fly! Please be generous in contributing too. Unfortunately, the immigration reform movement is run on a shoe-string budget compared to the pet causes of the Ford Foundation.

For your listening pleasure on immigration issues, check out "The Savage Nation" daily on your local radio or on the internet at Talk Radio On Sunday nights, catch The Terry Anderson Show live on the internet from Los Angeles, California. Both Michael Savage and Terry Anderson are way ahead of the curve on the immigration issue. [Note: Streaming internet radio is now a thing of the past. But Terry Anderson is still on the internet over Cable Radio Network on Sundays at 11 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Pacific]

Speaking of politicians, as far as the immigration issue goes, the next President of the United States should be Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), the Chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. Follow his press appearances and support his efforts any way you can. He is more often than not the best advocate for immigration reform and immigration law enforcement on Capitol Hill today.

As long as I'm listing a who's who of the immigration reform movement, I couldn't possibly leave out the incredible Michelle Malkin who single-handedly launched the URL like a rocket from 5,000 to over 11,000 hits on the main page by mentioning the site in her nationally-syndicated column in newspapers all over the country. You would not believe how many people read her columns! Thank you so much, Michelle!

Last but not least, the great VDARE. The prolific editorial collective on "the national question" by Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation should be a well-worn URL on your computer. If you haven't read Alien Nation yet, it's time that you did. I believe that most people in Congress are too damn stupid or stubborn to actually read Peter Brimelow's book [with the notable exception of congressmen like Tom Tancredo]. But if more of our elected officials read the book, our country probably wouldn't be thrown up against a wall by the illegal immigration issue the way it is right now. It's so obvious that Peter Brimelow's arguments in Alien Nation have never been refuted, and now that the mass immigration of the 1990s has continued unabated (before, during and after September 11th), his message is more urgent than ever.

For even more immigration reform contacts, visit the VDARE links page. Happy hunting! And somebody please e-mail a link to Tamar Jacoby. Let's make sure is in her next list of "grassroots cells."

Juan Mann is the proprietor of the only immigration reform web site that exposes the bureaucracy of the EOIR. He dedicates his work to the principle that one man's opinion can make a difference.

May 29, 2002

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