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Trust me on this…read on:

Last week I wrote a little ditty for the Blog about Mexico hiring an American PR firm to help defeat the immigration reform bill recently passed by Congress.

Allyn and Co. (President, Rob Allyn) is a Texas-based operation with a l-o-o-o-n-g history in politics—Bush politics and Mexico politics.

Yeah…I suppose that last part is redundant.

Perhaps they didn't see it coming but, Americans are a little miffed by this news—and they are sharing their displeasure with Mr. Allyn.

"The phones have been ringing off the hook, and [there's] the hate e-mail," said Mr. Allyn. "We have a lot of people who question your patriotism."

[PR Guru Allyn draws flak on Mexico: Right critical of his attempt to recast nation's image, by Laurence Iliff, Dallas Morning News, December 22, 2005]

Question his patriotism?  Really?

I don't question it at all…I think Rob Allyn is as much an American patriot as the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Hmm…I wonder who sent all the "hate e-mail"? They certainly deserve a high-five or two…

Since we posted the email address [[email protected]], that would be YOU, readers!

And I love you for it!

Is it awful to say that my Christmas just got a whole lot brighter knowing that you guys have been pelting those sorry cads with nasty notes?

Ah…revenge is sweet…

More to the point, we make a difference! And I hate to say it but…I TOLD YOU SO!!

Ok, I really don't hate to say it. But it seemed prudent to feign at least a small amount of modesty.

Listen up people: we have to stop these guys. Look at this:

In 1994, Rob Allyn helped George II become Governor of Texas.

In 2000, he helped Vicente Fox become President of Mexico…while simultaneously moving Bush to the White House.

In 2004, he did it again.

Now he has a one-year contract with Mexico (worth $750,000) to stop immigration reform in America.

And by the way, Mr. Allyn is also on the Board of Directors for ACE Cash Express (website here…in Spanish) one of the largest "financial services" chains in America with over 1500 stores.]

Yeah…by financial services I think they mean sending illegal aliens' money to Mexico.

U.S. remittances to Mexico is a multi-billion dollar industry and the number one source of income for the country of Mexico.

Looks like Mr. Allyn (and his friend Bush II) have a very good reason to keep Mexico and all their displaced people happy—it's called money. 

How does he do it? How does Mr. Allyn operate?

Well, he told El Universal, December 23:

"Our focus is on public opinion, which influences policy outcomes in Congress."

Well, what a coincidence!—that is precisely what does.

The difference is this: we don't have a Vicente Fox or a George Bush to fund our project.

We have YOU—and right now we really, really need your help.

Please donate what you can, and help us yell just a little bit louder than the turncoats over at Allyn and Company.

Public opinion does influence Congress. So let's make sure they hear the correct opinion—your opinion.

We can't do it without your help—so, please, give all you can.

P.S. You know the cats over at Allyn and Company won't forget readers anytime soon...and neither will I forget my friends—thanks!


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