Diversity is Strength! It's Also…"Jim Snow" Disenfranchisement Of Whites
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[See also The Voting Rights Act: Time To Include Whites, by Steve Sailer]

As this article goes to press, the U.S. Supreme Court has not announced its decision on whether

"to strike down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act…. requir[ing] many Southern states, counties and school districts to get approval from the Justice Department before making changes in their election rules. These rules range from the location of polling places to the makeup of districts in state legislatures.

"The provision also applies to a few counties in Northern California, New York and elsewhere that have a high percentage of residents who do not speak English." [Supreme Court skeptical about preserving Voting Rights Act provision, By David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2009]

The states for which the Voting Rights Act's Section 5 was originally designed are Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Justice Department attorneys and those from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund are of one mind: Section 5 exists for "minorities", and thus must be retained.

Since the entire 1965 Voting Rights Act was designed for blacks, these officials aren't saying anything new. They see it as fit and proper not only to have laws just for blacks as against whites—so-called  "civil rights" laws—but also for those laws to have a superior force to all other, color-blind, laws.

Thus does America now have a dual system of law:

  • An emerging first class law system, privileging "protected" groups, including Hispanics, the handicapped, homosexuals and criminal invaders;
  • A second-class law system, covering unprotected white Americans in their relations to each other.

Which is not what my copy of the Constitution says.

Case in point: The "KKK" was in total charge in Noxubee County, Mississippi—preventing some people from being able to vote or hold office, while ensuring that other people, based on their race, could—despite of being ineligible to do so.

Except that this "KKK" was black, not white.

One of the blessings of diversity: race-based electoral fraud and disenfranchisement. In Noxubee County, t was whites who were disenfranchised, and illegally frozen out of jobs, in this 69.9 percent black/ 28.9 percent white county. It was blacks whose spoiled ballots were counted. It was ineligible blacks who were encouraged to run for office.

On February 27, the panel of the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a June, 2007 ruling by U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee in U.S. v. Ike Brown, that previously convicted felon and Noxubee County Democratic Party Chief Ike Brown and the local party Executive Committee, "manipulated the political process in ways specifically intended and designed to impair and impede participation of white voters and to dilute their votes".

As the Hattiesburg American recalled, in Mississippi such corruption is hardly limited to Noxubee County.

"The landmark case marks the first time in history that the federal government has used the 1965 Voting Rights Act to protect the rights of white voters…. Brown's detractors point to last year's Associated Press analysis that indicated that 29 of Mississippi's 82 counties had more registered voters than people of voting age. An analysis by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann showed that Noxubee County—a low-growth area with a struggling economy—had a 2000 voting-age population of 8,697 and an October 2008 voter registration roll of 10,225. Brown's loss of his appeal to the 5th Circuit gives brief new life to the man-bites-dog story that made national headlines about African-American Mississippians being accused by the federal government - then found guilty - of discriminating against white voters….Brown's actions in Noxubee County and similar political shenanigans in Wilkinson and Benton counties have created a more favorable political environment for voter ID."

[Ike Brown: Poster child for voter ID, Hattiesburg (MS) American, March 5, 2009.]

Notwithstanding Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, the civil rights movement turns out to have been all about black power—a new form of Jim Crow, which reversed the races. I call this black-dominated system of apartheid "Jim Snow".

The only MSM reporter to cover the February 27 decision—or at least whose work was published—was the AP's Jack Elliott Jr. He wrote that Noxubee Democratic boss Ike Brown—who, since the case was a civil matter will not go to prison over his conviction—remains unapologetic:

"Deflated? Demoralized? Defeated? Not if you're Ike Brown, a political celebrity of some 30 years and the Democratic Party chairman in Noxubee County. Still defiant. Still cocky. Still unbowed. 'I am proud that I've enabled a lot of people to vote,' Brown told The Associated Press this past week...

([From another version] "Lee said there was a pattern to Brown's efforts to keep all whites out of the county's Democratic Party. It included holding party caucuses in private homes rather than public voting precincts and inviting only blacks to the meetings. Brown said, 'No one has brought any charge against anybody in Noxubee County for absentee ballot fraud.' With the Mississippi Legislature in gridlock over whether to require voters to show identification at the polls, Brown has grounds for such smugness. Brown has long said a voter ID law for in-person voting would not change his absentee-ballot efforts…"

[Noxubee County's Ike Brown unshaken by federal panel ruling, by Jack Elliott Jr., Associated Press/Clarion-Ledger, March 10, 2009.]

Elliott's report first appeared on March 2. But virtually all MSM newspaper editors and TV news producers found even a 93-word version too long.

Typically, a single AP story will result in thousands of Google News entries. But Google cited only 11 hits for the appeals court panel's Feb. 7 decision, and only actually displayed six entries, all of which were versions of Elliott's story—one of which ran in The Final Call, the newspaper of that gentle group, the Nation of Islam (NOI).

Veteran readers know that I do not carry water for the AP (see here and here). But I must give the devil his due. In this case, the Nation of Islam proved more open-minded than "objective" MSM journalists—who apparently concluded that the story was off message.

Of course, AP's Elliott is a huge improvement over AP Mississippi-based racial propagandists Shelia (Hardwell) Byrd and Holbrook Mohr.

But unfortunately, the same editors that censored Elliott ran racial agitprop by Mohr on the Jackson, MS mayoral election, reaching thousands of outlets. (For perspective, compare it to this.) Rather than being chastened, black officials of Mississippi's state Democratic Party responded to the decision by seeking to expand the disenfranchisement of whites from Jim Snow counties to the state Party:

"A rump group of state Democratic Executive Committee members, led by Vice-Chair Barbara Blackmon, who is black, held a special meeting on March 21 with a goal of ousting several previously chosen white leaders of the state party — a move that had classic signs of driving white Democrats out. Removal of state Democratic Chairman Jamie Franks was in the air, but the group decided only to sack their other target, state party Director Sam Hall, and replace him with Blackmon's hair dresser. Both Franks and Hall are white. In a further insult, the rump group voted to restore controversial Ike Brown to the executive committee, despite a federal court finding that Brown violated the Voting Rights Act by intimidating white voters as a Noxubee County party official…. Franks immediately disavowed the rump meeting and its actions." [Racial split threatens state Democrats by Bill Minor, The Greenwood Commonwealth, April 2, 2009]

There's a pattern here. This in Democratic bastion Philadelphia, having more "registered voters" than adult residents is a time-honored tradition. And in Philadelphia, the 2008 election also saw uniformed members of the black supremacist New Black Panther Party, including one who openly brandished a nightstick, trying to block and otherwise intimidate whites out of entering a polling station.

One Republican poll watcher charged that two Panthers—including "Night Stick"— sought to block him from entering the building. When he pushed his way in, they threatened him: "We're tired of white supremacy. Don't come back out here, because a black man is going to win this election, no matter what."

Even ignoring for the moment the issue of "hate crimes", if the pollwatcher's charge is true, the blacks were guilty of making terroristic threats.

A second white poll watcher called the police They made both Panthers step away from the front of the building, and sent the nightstick-wielding thug on his way.

The other uniformed Panther returned, however, because he was an "official poll watcher"! In a classic case of black supremacist projection, he then accused Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal with "intimidating" voters by his presence, insisting that Leventhal had no authorization to be there, and saying, "I don't know what you're talking about", when Leventhal mentioned "Night Stick".

The Panther/poll watcher then called the police—who also told Leventhal he had no right to be there!

Fortunately, Leventhal stood his ground, pointing out that the press may report from polling stations, as long as they remain 10 feet from entrances. Leventhal said he knew of no polling places that were being guarded by uniformed police.

Unfortunately, both Leventhal and the white female Fox News studio host backpedaled, maintaining that many people felt intimidated by a police presence at the polls and asked police not to guard them, as if this were perfectly reasonable, rather than black supremacist propaganda in the service of intimidation and election fraud.

But at least Fox covered the matter, unlike its network and cable rivals.

On January 7, the Bush Justice Department sued the New Black Panther Party, seeking "an injunction preventing any future deployment of, or display of weapons by, New Black Panther Party members at the entrance to polling locations".

But since initially reporting on the suit, the MSM has forgotten the matter. Obama Administration Attorney General Eric "Racial Dialogue" Holder will likely disappear it. (View and download a collection of videos of the Philadelphia Panthers' voting rights violations here—before they're gone.)

Over the past forty or so years, voting fraud has become the norm in black-controlled districts. The machinations in Perry County, Alabama sound strikingly similar to those in Noxubee County, Mississippi. Meanwhile, ACORN is the McDonalds of organized voting fraud, with franchises across the country.

Republicans typically respond to the crime of voting fraud with demands for laws requiring that voters show photo ID.

Black Democrats always respond with race-baiting, black, bizarre-world "history" and "political science", and, at times, with histrionics.

The bizarro history invariably claims that Republican demands for photo ID are part of a racist conspiracy to "suppress" black turnout by "intimidating" black voters, and "diluting" the black vote. The histrionics hysterically back up the "history". But the only motivation in this day and age for opposing voting security requirements already common in Third World countries is in order to steal elections through massive voter fraud.

Bizarro history propagandists live in a zero-sum world, in which blacks have a "civil right" to engage in electoral fraud, and any attempt to enforce election laws is a "racist" attempt to "disenfranchise" them.

The most outrageous histrionics were seen during the 2000 Florida Disenfranchisement Hoax. The day after the election, black activists such as Jesse Jackson Sr. went to Florida, broadcasting outrageous lies claiming that racist white officials had kept blacks from voting. (It was later documented that "disenfranchised" students at three black colleges had voted twice, but none was prosecuted).

The lies (including Gore campaign manager Donna Brazille's tale of white policemen using guns and dogs, to stop blacks from voting!) were a smokescreen—not to mention pure paranoid projection—as were threats of race riots. They were designed to help the Democratic Party in its ultimately unsuccessful attempt to steal the presidential election, after the fact, on behalf of Vice President Al Gore.

In 2001, Al Sharpton imitated the aforementioned hoax, in a failed attempt to steal the New York City Democratic mayoral primary from Mark Green, a Jewish socialist, on behalf of Sharpton's candidate, Fernando "Freddie" Ferrer, a white Hispanic socialist.

In October 2007, presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama initiated a Democratic campaign demanding the resignation of John Tanner, then chief of Justice's Voting Rights Section, and seeking to block the nomination of Republican election fraud crusader and former member of the Federal Elections Commission Hans A. von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission. Obama sought to stymie federal attempts to curb voter fraud—and thereby to help himself, his associates at ACORN, and Democratic candidates not named Clinton during the 2008 campaign.

On the eve of the 2008 election, investigative reporter Ken Timmerman recounted credible reports from supporters of Hillary Clinton that Obama had only won the Democratic presidential nomination through massive, ACORN-style voter fraud in the caucus states, starting with Iowa, where Clinton had been a heavy favorite. Obama's seemingly miraculous win in Iowa gave him instant credibility as a candidate.

Interestingly, in U.S. v. Ike Brown, the Justice Department broke with its traditional practice of bragging about a big victory in a press release. By contrast, Justice gloated last August, after it succeeded in conspiring to violate the civil rights of Jeremiah Munsen, a white who had been all of 18 years old when it began persecuting him in 2007 for exercising his First Amendment rights.

Justice—or Just Us?

Let us not delude ourselves. Justice's Civil Rights Division is an ongoing criminal enterprise dominated by racist blacks and self-hating whites, who are dedicated to racially disenfranchising whites and racially privileging blacks and Hispanics—the Constitution and federal law be damned!

Of course, the Philadelphia case occurred on George W. Bush's watch. That's just more evidence of how useless he (and the whole conservative Establishment) have become.

The Civil Rights Division's corruption is not some unfortunate, unintended consequence of 1960s' civil rights laws. It is a pillar of America's civil rights legacy. The motive behind the civil rights laws was to give blacks racial power. That power could not flourish without a racially corrupt Civil Rights Division.

Civil rights laws may occasionally benefit whites. But, overwhelmingly, they harm them. And Hispanics have quickly learned the lessons. Thus, as America has become increasingly "diverse" due to immigration policy, the electoral fraud problem pervasive in black areas has been replicated in Hispanic areas, with the added problem of unconstitutional rotten boroughs.

You can have the rule of law, based on the U.S. Constitution. Or you can have "diversity", "civil rights" laws, and the corrupt, racist, federal agencies dedicated to imposing them.

But as was increasingly clear under Bush—and will become even clearer under Obama—America can't have both.

Nicholas Stix [email him] lives in New York City, which he views from the perspective of its public transport system, experienced in his career as an educator. His weekly column appears at Men's News Daily and many other Web sites. He has also written for Middle American News, the New York Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Chronicles, Ideas on Liberty and the Weekly Standard. He maintains two blogs: A Different Drummer and Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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