Detroit = Gary...And America?
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Gary Public Schools Memorial Auditorium -H/T Gary Indiana A City's Ruins

In May in Detroit: Post-Colonial Africa Happens In America I wrote admiringly of Paul Kersey’s book Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America's Black Metropolis which was subsequently reviewed for us by Peter Bradley in “Learn, Whitey, Learn!”

In essence this is a documentation of what is now the classical cycle of U.S. urban history:

1. American Whites create thriving city.

2. American Blacks arrive, supplying crime and sloth.

3. Whites leave.

4. Blacks get political control.

5. Blacks proceed to ruin the city so utterly it becomes a wonder of the world.

It is important to grasp that 4 and 5 are new phenomenon, of the past 50 years or so. Previously there was no experience of this endgame. That is why I use the analogy of the fate of independent Black counties.

As James Fulford has pointed out, whites in Detroit tried to save their city, but were defeated. Conservatism Inc, apart from half hearted attempts to blame liberalism for these disasters, dodges the issue.

Now Paul Kersey has returned to the issue with a solution: Because Life is So Brief and Time is a Thief When You're Undecided: The Racial History of Gary, Indiana and the Need for Restrictive Covenants

Kersey notes

In S. Paul O'Hara's Gary, the Most American of All American Cities  we are introduced to a city whose collapse mirrors that of Detroit…with a population that nearly 100 percent white in 1920, Gary saw a migration of 15,000 Black migrants between 1920 and 1930. At 18 percent of the population of Gary in 1930, another 20,000 Black people would join them by 1940 — …by 1967, Black people would be able to elect Richard Gordon Hatcher as one of the first Black mayors of a major city in the nation…

Wait a second: why can't the 84 percent Black population sustain the wealth that white people left behind?... why can't they keep alive the businesses?... The answer is self-explanatory: because the population is less than 10 percent white and 84 percent Black…

But it was in reading S. Paul O'Hara's book that the realization that the 1948 Shelley v. Kraemer U.S. Supreme Court ruling (outlawing restrictive covenants) was the nail in the coffin for the long-term prospects of America became crystallized.

Restrictive covenants could prevent the further blighting of Urban America. I understand an extensive discussion of this idea by Paul Kersey is amongst the mountain of articles in Peter Brimelow’s editorial In Tray. In the absence of them, Kersey reports the cycle of destruction is well underway in the main refuge for those who fled Gary: Merrillville IN.

It is crucial that Americans comprehend the equation:

Influx of shoddy human capital + Black rule = Disaster.

That goes for countries too.

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