D.A. King And The Southern Poverty Law Center:  The Real Story
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When Bob Moser phoned me in late September 2004, at no time did he identify himself as a reporter, a journalist, or allow that he was interviewing me for a story.

As a "Foodie," I can say that Moser is to journalism as instant grits are to Southern cuisine.

It was my impression that he was a prospective member of my organization, The American Resistance Foundation [TAR].

Maybe he wanted it that way.

Only after answering a series of questions for about five minutes did I remark to Moser that "it sounds like you are doing an interview here." Moser then admitted that he was indeed "doing an interview."

When I pointed out that he should have made that clear at the outset, he replied, "I thought you knew." 


I am embarrassed to admit that when I asked for what publication he was writing, his reply—"the Intelligence Report"—meant nothing to me.  

It does now. The Intelligence Report is a smear sheet published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees' notorious fund-raising/PC enforcing empire.

But I am happy to say that I taped our conversation and told Moser so. I believe that only this prevented Moser from inventing "facts" to illustrate the story he was sent after.

Needless to say, in his subsequent smear of me, Moser [The Battle of 'Georgiafornia', Winter 2004] got some things wrong and left some important facts out.

Most important to me, Moser notes (correctly) that I am not focused on legal immigration—but then nevertheless still describes me as "anti-immigrant."

When Bob Moser says he "thought I knew" I was being interviewed, it's a likely story at best—but his contention that I am anti-immigrant is a blatant and intentional lie.

TAR has no opinion on immigration per se. We fight illegal immigration.

I told Moser specifically that the TAR coalition was made up of Americans of all descriptions including of course, legal immigrants.

Those who participate in TAR protest rallies include Americans of many colors and ethnicities.

My adopted sister is an immigrant from Korea. I told Moser that as well.

Feeling polluted after the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride swaggered through Georgia in 2003, I wrote in a VDARE.com article that I was left wanting to take a shower.  

Moser used this as evidence to allege some "White Victimhood" nonsense on my part.

Yawn. I wanted to take a shower after reading Moser's hit piece too.  

The smear in the print version of Intelligence Report has many photos:

  • Alleged Nazis in a group salute
  • 20 Hispanic looking men chasing down a day labor truck (labor shortage anyone???)
  • A photo of a man who is described as a "neo-Nazi" and next to it…a photo of me.

That's it. That's all the proof the SPLC needs (or apparently wants). [VDARE.COM note: contact the SPLC here.]

It's not even guilt by association. It's guilt by graphic artistry.

Interesting to note, by the way, that the Intelligence Report photo of me wearing my Marine Corps T-shirt and holding a sign at a protest rally (my first ever!) in September 2003 has no photo credit below it.

I can explain that.

The photo of me that the Intelligence Report published comes from my Website. It was taken at my request with my camera.

I was never asked and have never given permission (click here and scroll down for copyright info) for the SPLC creatures to use my photograph—especially in an effort to create a false impression of me and TAR.

Someone convince me this represents fair use.

I am curious about my legal recourse. Under these circumstances, what would the SPLC do?

Maybe a legal eagle VDARE reader can tell me about my options.

The Moser smear claims that Georgia Hispanics are "easy prey."

Here is a question:  Who is the "easy prey"?

Is it the former insurance agent fighting illegal immigration (organized crime) with his personal savings and credit cards?

Or the SPLC—a fund-raising machine that masquerades as "a small civil rights law firm" beseeching donations while holding millions of dollars in reserve accounts.

I think I need another shower.

What is my true role in this saga?

I quit my own business and spent my life savings to organize and manage The American Resistance Foundation. (Even the French had a resistance!) I have never been prouder of any accomplishment.

At TAR, we take the position that American laws should apply to everyone in America and that we as Americans would be safer if our borders were at least as secure as those of Mexico.

Call me a radical. I don't care.

After a year of very hard work and long hours, it was difficult to measure the success of our efforts until I saw my name mentioned in Bob Moser's Intelligence Report published by Morris Dees.

As an immigration crime fighter, apparently I have arrived.

At age 52, I have lived most of my life in the American South. (So has Moser…and Dees.) To my knowledge, I have never seen a member of the Klan—or a Nazi.

I do see hundreds of illegal aliens everyday. And I have seen shameless race-baiting charlatans.

Prior to the Intelligence Report story in January, I really didn't know much about the SPLC. 

But now, having done a considerable amount of research on this band of whores from Montgomery, I think I have them figured out.

Several clever descriptions of Morris Dees and the SPLC came to mind when I found time to "Google" them.

But the more I read, the more I realized that someone had already thought of many of the best ones.

  • I wanted to compare Morris Dees to TV Evangelist Jim Bakker. But alas, his former partner, Millard Farmer, has already done that: "He's the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement…though I don't mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye…"


  • I wanted to write that I see Dees as "a fraud and a con man." But in 1996 someone named Stephen Bright already did.


  • "Fear monger, Profiteer and Hypocrite"…nope, already been done – Paul Hall, Managing Editor, the Jubilee Newspaper in Midpines California.
  • From the Fairfax Journal editorial Lump of Coal on Morris Dees and the SPLC, December 2003: "…a bunch of slick, parasitic hucksters who live high on the hog by raising money on behalf of needy people who never see a dime of it."
  • Then we come to Peter Brimelow's comment: "(a) doesn't everybody know that the SPLC is a crackpot shakedown operation preying on rich, paranoid old liberals? (b) Who cares?"

I respond reluctantly to Moser, Dees, and the SPLC with the same reservation and disgust one has when reaching for the long-handled plungers and brushes used to clean a plugged and un-flushed toilet. 

One bonus: my VDARE.COM friend and colleague Bryanna Bevens says she considers a listing on the SPLC Hatewatch List as a bonus when evaluating a man for dating. 

I'm happily married. But that helps!

Footnote: In his public lynching of me, Moser relied on innuendo and strategic photograph placement to create a false association between me and the crazies of Nazi-Klan land.

But he still needed someone to play the race card for him.

He found a willing and seasoned veteran of such action in our local poster boy for profiteering ethnic hustlers…Georgia state Senator Sam Zamarripa.

Zamarripa is a favorite subject of TAR. I will get to him in VDARE.COM soon. And often.

And the SPLC will continue to be a frequent topic in this space.

D.A. King [email him] is proprietor of The American Resistance. He is the proud owner of not one but two fake Mexican Matricula consulars.

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