"Follow the Money" to Oppose Home Depot!
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Email to George Sauter, Fund Manager at the Vanguard Group

Dear Mr. Sauter,

I'm currently an investor in Vanguard's Index 500 fund, which currently holds over 20 million shares in Home Depot stock. Since they began operating in Mexico, their business practices have changed a great deal.

I'm sure you know that Home Depot has consistently supported illegal immigration, something that 80%+ of Americans oppose. Home Depot has consistently supported building "day-labor centers " (used primarily by illegal aliens) and now they announce a future hiring preference for "Spanish-speaking employees!" (Does Home Depot really think they're fooling us on these racist hiring practices, as well as "disguised" hiring of illegal aliens?)

I predict Home Depot will soon be copying the practices exposed with the federal indictment of Tyson Chicken: recruiting illegals in Mexico who arrive for work at US locations fully equipped with false documents to qualify them as "legal" US employees.

As a highly paid mutual fund manager, you probably qualify as one of the "elite" who is shielded from the problems of illegal immigration. I hope you're not an "elitist," but instead an American who wants to prevent the continued destruction of the USA by illegal immigration.

I ask that you and other Vanguard officials use the company's influence with Home Depot's Board of Directors by urging them to abandon their current business practices on their hiring of illegal aliens and abandon all their support of illegal immigration (including but not limited to supporting day labor centers). . 

Very truly yours,

S. J. Miller

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