Center For New Community's Eric Ward—Liar
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Eric Ward is employed by something called the Center for New Community as its national field director. He has accused me of promoting "Holocaust Revisionism" in my column on VDARE.COM. Eric Ward is a liar. His lie is so demonstrably and obviously false that he exposes himself as not just an ordinary liar but an incompetent liar.

To expose him as a liar, I first direct the reader to the website of Yad Vashem, Israel's memorial to the Jews murdered by the Nazis. There you will find the name of my Aunt Charlotte as well as eighty other Gadiels, all relatives of my father, Jacques Kurt Gadiel, a Jew born in Breslau, Germany in 1906.

That eighty-one people doesn't include family members of my maternal grandmother, whose surname was Lappe.

This man, Ward, lied about me a being a Holocaust Revisionist because of my April 29, 2009 column in VDARE.COM entitled Know Thine Enemy: The "Collaborators" Of The Religious Left.

In that column I described how in 1931, before Hitler became Chancellor, my father, showing great foresight, persuaded his parents to join him in fleeing to France. I described my father's sister, Charlotte, who refused to believe Germans could be so evil as to attack a harmless fellow German like herself. As a result, she refused to follow her family out of Germany until 1934.

I wrote of my German Protestant mother, who endangered herself by continuing to shop at Jewish owned stores in defiance of Nazi law prohibiting non-Jews from doing so. I wrote that when this became too dangerous, also fled to France, learning afterward that the Gestapo came to arrest her the very day after she left Germany. She later put her life at further risk by, as a Protestant German woman, marrying my Jewish father.

I wrote of my Protestant grandmother, Frieda Wolfe, who was nearly arrested by the Gestapo for making a disparaging remark about Hitler. She was informed on by a neighbor (a technique recently imitated by Pres. Obama) and only saved because other neighbors lied to the Gestapo by denying that she'd made such a remark.

I went on to relate that when France surrendered in 1940, while my parents again fled to unoccupied France, Aunt Charlotte, still refusing to face the facts about Germans remained in the Nazi Occupied Zone. Then, I went on,

"One morning before dawn in November 1942 the Krauts rousted her out of bed, sent her to the infamous transit camp at Drancy and, according to the Germans' own precise records, on November 11, 1942 put her on Transport # 42 and shipped her to Auschwitz. Nothing further of her is known, but from what we know of her it is likely she remained innocent and docile right to the moment she was herded into the gas chambers."

Thus I observed that

"Aunt Lotte was a collaborator in her own death. Not actively of course, but—like millions of others—her refusal to wake up and resist allowed Hitler to commit the mass murder of which she became a victim."

Quoting the last sentence, completely out of context, Eric Ward accused me of being a promoter of Holocaust Revisionism. [Holocaust Denial, Swine Flu, Invasions, and the Rise of Anti-Immigrant Con Men, August 21, 2009]

But let me make plain that the thoughts I expressed about Aunt Lotte were exactly those spoken to me by my father. If I am a "Holocaust Revisionist", then so was Jacques Kurt Gadiel and so were his few Jewish friends who managed to survived the War. (Holocaust Revisionism means denying that the Holocaust is a fact, alleging that very few Jews were murdered, or justifying Nazi murder as a normal incident of war.)

A little more about my family.

On my mother's side of the family, the Protestant side: My uncle was beaten severely by the Gestapo for suspected anti-Nazi activities. He somehow survived, even though he was in fact "guilty" of opposing Hitler.

In 1940, after my father's internment by the French as an enemy alien, my parents were separated throughout the rest of the War. My mother and her Jewish mother in law were hidden in Southern France by my parents' lifetime friend, Auguste Rietsch, a French Catholic, who was a member of the French underground, the Maquis. M. Rietsch constantly put his life in danger by attacking and killing Germans and German collaborators, and, among other acts of bravery, lighting signal fires at night to enable Allied planes to drop supplies to the Resistance.

In sum, on both the Protestant and Jewish sides of my family and among our family's closest friends there is a history of resistance, even heroic resistance, to Nazism. Ward's despicable lies about me dishonor not only me but them and dozens of my relatives murdered by the Nazis.

To paraphrase Mary McCarthy, "every word this man utters is a lie, including "and" and "the."'

This particular piece of libel was posted on the fashionable liberal website known as TPM, run by Joshua Micah Marshall.

Can an organization that employs such a man can be considered reliable or respectable? Can a website that would allow such a man to post on it can be considered anything but an internet rag?

As for me, I have been attacked by the Communist Party (People's Weekly World, April 24, 2003). I have been attacked by some now-defunct neo-Nazi group.

Eric Ward, the Center for New Community and the TPM website belong to the same class of hate sites.

I suspect that Eric Ward, like many of the people who do the dirty work of the Treason Lobby, doesn't really care a fig about the Holocaust. I suspect that Ward has never criticized Jesse Jackson's use of the word "Hymietown." I'm quite certain that Ward would never think of attacking George Soros, the convicted felon who funds some of the worst of the illegal alien advocates, even though Soros collaborated with the Nazis in his native Hungary in confiscating Jewish property (a job for which he was particularly well suited, being Jewish himself).

No, the real reason Ward attacked me was because of what I said later in that VDARE.COM column. I pointed out that Protestant denominations, such as the United Church of Christ, Episcopal, Quaker, etc., and many American Jewish groups are demonstrating the same inability as my Aunt Charlotte to recognize the evil coming at them.

However, I continued, quite unlike Aunt Lotte and European Jews who remained passive in the face of Nazi evil, these churches are actively collaborating with the Open Borders mobsters at La Raza, US Chamber of Commerce, etc.

I also had the nerve to point out that the websites of these politicized churches are virtually clones of those of the ACLU and the Communist Party: taking positions on about every political issue one can think nearly all of which are which are indistinguishable from those taken by these two other radical groups and others on the far left, except for the talk about God.

(As I said previously, don't take my word for it; look at their websites: United Church of Christ,;; Quakers,; United Methodists,;; Union of Reform Judaism,; Presbyterian church USA, easily confused with the Communist Party's website.

This was my real offense in liar Eric Ward's view. I described a truth he'd prefer not be recognized: that many of these once-respected religious groups have been infiltrated over the years by the far Left, are now part of it and are indistinguishable from it.

Ward's sensitivity on this issue is understandable. His employer, the Center for New Community, for example has close ties to the United Church of Christ in Chicago, Jeremiah Wright's outfit. Its executive director is, like Jeremiah Wright, a UCC minister based in Chicago. And on its board sit an employee and a minister of the Methodist church.

I hit a nerve and Ward responded as viciously and as falsely as possible.

Eric Ward also attacked Dr. John Tanton and the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which he founded.

I will say of Dr. Tanton and the Board of Directors and employees of FAIR, with whom I have had experience over eight years, that never have I heard from any of them a single remark demeaning anyone based on race, or ethnicity. Their sole concern, is to end mass immigration, and particularly to prevent illegal immigration, by anyone of any race or ethnic background, because of the danger such people pose to the people of the United States—a danger proven daily on the streets of our country and by 9/11, which claimed the life of my own son.

If I have any difference with FAIR it is that it is not aggressive enough.

The claims of xenophobia that Ward makes against FAIR and Center for Immigration Studies contain as much truth as his allegation that this son of anti-Nazi resisters is a Holocaust Revisionist: Zero.

Contact Center for New Community.

Contact TPM.

Peter Gadiel (email him) is president of 9/11 Families for a Secure America. His son, 9/11 World Trade Center victim James Gadiel (North Tower, 103rd floor), was 23 at the time of his murder.

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