An Appeal From Patrick Cleburne—Give Now So We Can Report The Unreportable!
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The Old White Doe

The only good thing about having to write this note is that I got to insist on the return of the old logo, which I considered far superior to the new. Loyalists who agree with me are invited to communicate with Editor Peter Brimelow here.

Other than that, having to write this is deeply distressing and brutally frustrating. The cause: as usual, reopening the site in the midst of our appeal to post the announcement of’s 13th Annual War Against Christmas Contest and New England’s refugee disaster that no candidate dares mention in the January 3 New Hampshire GOP primary resulted in the DONATION FLOW HALTING.

So has to close again—and PLEAD LOUDER. simply has no reserves. We are apparently no longer welcome at the few foundations that purport to be interested in patriotic immigration reform—not supporting seems to be their way of placating the forces of Political Correctness. We take comfort in the implication that our enemies find dangerously effective.

Closing the site is always painful. But I cannot remember a time when it interferes more with posting items on currently urgent topics:

  • The Obamacrats are moving energetically to implement and expand their Administrative Amnestyundoubtedly encouraged by the complete failure of the GOP leadership—including presidential hopefuls—to protest this coup d’état.

Only today (December 14) I read that the Mayor of New Haven in Connecticut is trying to enable illegal aliens to vote.

  • The War On Christmas needs honest documentation and illustration. The MSM Big Feet who took an interest in the middle of the last decade seem to have been scared off. The issue is now virtually completely repressed. Yet fresh atrocities keep happening—for instance the little New England village I live near has not decorated the tree growing in its center for the first time in living memory.

No other battle proves so clearly the animosity of the anti-American forces on the other side, and at the same time exposes them to more powerful public rage. They know this: it is why they want to keep the topic out of the public view.


  • With the apparent decision of the Obama Administration to go with a Majority/Minority electoral strategy, there will be more and more explicit attacks on American whites—for instance Attorney General Holder’s eagerness to help rig the Texan redistricting to favor Hispanics, in the news currently.

The Republican elite is afraid to challenge these actions. Its subservient echo chamber media outlets comply by avoiding any discussion of them. Dissident operations like are essential to educate America about these atrocities


  • Horribly, it looks very much as if the Republican rank and file might be stampeded into nominating what Peter Morrison has accurately described for us as “the most left-wing of the current candidates for the GOP presidential nomination”

Former Newt Gingrich’s Amnesty/Immigration acceleration policies will work as an inverse Sailer Strategy—’s term for the concept of appealing to the American white vote—because it would depress turnout amongst Patriots, exactly as happened in 2008.

Win or lose, the only possible counter-measure is to put as much information and cogent argument as possible into the hands of the American people.

Things may look bleak. But a glance at the comment threads of any Main Stream Media article on immigration proves that America is seething with extremely well-informed (thanks to!) Americans who are outraged about what has been done to their country—and to them.

The Treason Lobby is struggling to contain a volcano.

Help help it fail!

On a personal note, I was pleased recently to be told that my blogs are amongst the most popular on I do it out of conviction: I am not paid.

But even if one does not benefit financially, a stalling fund raising appeal is discouraging.

Thank to my readers—but please give to keep Patrick Cleburne motivated!

  Merry Christmas!

Patrick Cleburne


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