Memo From Mexico | John McCain—Univision's Choice For President
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The Spanish-language Univision network is a major force in the Hispanicization of the United States. Headquartered in New York City, but operated out of Miami, Univision is now America's fifth-largest network.

I have written about Jorge Ramos—Univision's arrogant anchorman—before: Jorge Ramos' (Uni)Vision for U.S. Ramos, a blond-haired, blue-eyed Mexican, is not even a U.S. citizen. But that doesn't stop the guy from actively working to transform the U.S.A. into an appendage of Latin America.

Ramos gloatingly predicts that in a century Latinos will form the majority of the U.S. population. And, in one interview, Ramos boasted that

"…all the time we [Hispanics] are more numerous, richer, all the time we gain more acquisitive [sic—or maybe not] power, all the time we are stronger politically, and all the time we are taking over the United States more…I think that the growth of the Latino community is unstoppable, but there is much to correct, especially, the cases of rejection and persecution against other Latinos, but we're doing well, definitely." [Jorge Ramos y el libro que lo hizo llorar. Nuevo Siglo, August 24, 2007 (my translation)]

During the U.S. presidential primary season, Jorge Ramos and Univision made history by hosting two Spanish-language presidential debates (really panderfests). One was for the Democrats and the other for the Republicans. For my accounts, see here for the Democrats' panderfest and here for the Republicans' panderfest.

And you can email Jorge Ramos.

Now we find ourselves in a general election pitting two globalist open-border fanatics against each other. What a choice!

So who does Univision favor? Well, going strictly by campaign donations, we'd have to conclude that Univision favors John McCain.

Like they say, "Follow the money", and "Put your money where your mouth is".

The folks at Open Secrets. Org, a project of the Center for Responsive Politics, keep tabs on who is donating to the candidates. It's a very useful website. In the charts on Open Secrets, you can find all sorts of interesting information on who is contributing to which campaign.

Organizations like corporations and government agencies can't donate directly to candidates, of course. But as Open Secrets says:

"A cluster of contributions from the same organization may indicate a concerted effort by that organization to 'bundle' contributions to the candidate…. Showing these clusters of contributions from people associated with particular organizations provides a valuable—and unique—way of understanding where a candidate is getting his or her financial support. Knowing those groups is also useful after the election, as issues come before Congress and the administration that may affect those organizations and their industries."

Seen this way, Barack Obama's biggest contributors are: Goldman Sachs, University of California, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Company, and Harvard University..

McCain's biggest contributors are: Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Company. (Yes, several of these institutions appear on both lists. Remember that it's the aggregate of employee-donors of each firm.)

Breaking it down by sectors, McCain leads in contributions from "Agribusiness" and "Construction" (both of which like illegal labor) as well as "Energy & National Resources". Obama, on the other hand, leads in contributions from "Communications/Electronics", "Defense", "Finance, Insurance and Real Estate", "Health", "Lawyers and Lobbyists", "Transportation", "Miscellaneous Business", "Labor", "Ideological/Single Issue" and "Other".

So how about donations to the candidates specifically donated by people in the Univision organization? Open Secrets has the stats on that. They show that Barack Obama has received $3,700 dollars from Univision employees.

Well, that's something. But it's not much. Especially when you consider his opponent. According to Open Secrets, McCain has received $71,300 in contributions from employees of Univision.

That means that the Univision employees' contributions to Team McCain dwarf those given to Team Obama. And it's not only the quantity, it's the quality of the personnel. Those who donated to McCain tend to rank higher in Univision organization than those who gave to Obama.

Here are the Univision people who contributed to Obama:

David Downs, of the sports department, Monica Alan, of the PR department, Hazem Alwattar, the Radio Operations Manager, Susan Lee, the Communications Vice-president, and Mario Ruiz, the Univision Communications, Inc. Vice President. The combined contributions of these five added up to $3,700 dollars.

But here is the list of the Univision folks who donated that $71,300 dollars to the McCain campaign:

Thomas McGarrity (the TV department), Javier Saralegui (president of Univision Communications Inc.), Andrew W. Hobson (executive of Univision Communications, Inc.), William J. Acker (Director of Training), Jose A. Behar (Univision Music Group Executive), Robert V. Cahill, (Attorney for Univision Communications Inc.), Janis A. Cortez ( Univision Assistant), Carlos O. Deschapelles (Univision Communications Inc. Sales Department), Mathew J. Knight (Univision Executive), Peter H. Lori (Corpo of Univision Communications Inc.), Dennis P. McCauley (President of Univision Communications Inc.), Kurt Naegele (executive of the Univision Communications Inc.), Maria Sciarrino (Univision Executive Assistant)

Michael Wortsman (President of Univision TV), Alina Falcon (Univision Network Executive Vice President), Bennett J. Fogel (Univision Executive Vice-President of Advertising), C. Douglas Kranwinkle (Univision Communications Inc. Executive),

Rainaldo Rodriguez (Univision executive), Scott Roskowski (Broad Univision Communications Inc.), Charles R. Stuart, (Univision Communications Inc. Director), Nicholas J. Valls of the Sales department, Teresa A. Ford (Univision Television Television Gen), Karen M. Arguello (Univision communications executive), Mark R. Dante (Univision Vice-President), Jorge H. Delgado (Univision President and General manager), David E. Downs of TV management and Craig H. Bland, (Vice President of Univision Communications).

And in addition to all of them, another of the contributors is none other than Joseph Uva, CEO of Univision Communications, Inc. (Uva is one of many Hillary Clinton fundraisers who, after Hillary's defeat, started supporting McCain. Others include Donald Trump, philanthropist Norma Hess and cable tycoon Charles Dolan.)

To summarize, the Open Secrets data indicates that, at the upper echelons of Univision, there is more support for McCain than for Obama.

Does Univision know something that the GOP base does not?

Sure, a majority of Univision viewers support Obama over McCain. Univision's own poll has Obama beating McCain 77% to 23%. But the people who run Univision would rather donate their money to McCain.

And it makes sense, really, when you think about it. The people who run Univision, whether from financial, ideological, or ethnic motivations, or a combination thereof, support the Hispanicization of the U.S.A.

So why wouldn't they donate to the candidate who will work harder to Hispanicize the U.S.A.?

Neither Obama nor McCain can be trusted on the National Question. Neither is really attached to the historical American nation. Both would gladly sell out the American electorate and U.S. sovereignty. And both revel in linguistic balkanization as promoted by Univision.

Yet McCain, like Bush, seems emotionally committed to Hispanic activists in a way that Obama isn't. McCain has been pandering to Hispanics a lot longer than Obama has, and has been in the forefront of supporting amnesty and creeping bilingualism.

Recently, McCain told Jorge Ramos that he'd work for amnesty starting on day one of his presidency. And Juan Hernandez, McCain's Hispanic Outreach director (and former cabinet official in the Mexican government ) told Hispanic Evangelicals that McCain has not backpedaled on his amnesty position (that is, he's still for amnesty).

Why wouldn't Univision donate to the McCain campaign? It makes perfect sense.

Supposing that John McCain wins, Univision will be getting the best president their money could buy.

Although, as eager as McCain has been all these years to Hispanicize the U.S., the guy would probably be doing all these things even if Univision hadn't donated one cent to his campaign.

I'm convinced that, when it comes to people like McCain and Bush, there is something more than money involved (though there is plenty of that, to be sure.). Our elite political class (of both parties) displays a deep-seated animus against the traditional American nation. Thus they have no problem dismantling it.

Listen to what Senator John McCain said in 2005 in a speech at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner:

"We are a nation of many races, many religious faiths, many points of origin. But our one shared faith is the belief that a nation conceived in an idea, in liberty, will prove stronger, more enduring, and better than any nation ordered to exalt the few at the expense of the many or made from a common race or culture or to preserve traditions that have no greater attribute than longevity."

McCain was saying that the U.S. has no core culture or ethnicity—and that's a good thing.

But it's not because he doesn't care about culture or ethnicity. Apparently he cares about Hispanic culture. In 2006, in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, John McCain, speaking of the Hispanic Culture, put a very different spin on things:

"This [is] one of the defining moments in American history that really does define what kind of nation we are. If there was ever such a thing as a noble cause, it is the one we are embarked on now. Anyone who is afraid that somehow our culture will be anything but enriched by fresh blood and culture, in my view, has a distorted view of history and has a pessimistic view of our future."

John McCain doesn't think the U.S. has a culture, or needs a culture. But he does praise Hispanic "blood and culture" which is allegedly enriching "our culture" (the American culture he doesn't care about). McCain says the Hispanicization of the U.S.A. is "a noble cause" which makes this a "defining moment in American history."

In other words, McCain supports making the U.S. an appendage of Latin America.

This is the guy we are dealing with—the standard-bearer for the "conservative" Republican party, and the possible next president of the United States of America.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) resides in Mexico, with a legal permit issued him by the Mexican government. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here and his website is here.

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