ALIPAC's Gheen vs. VDARE.COM And Those Self-Organizing Americans
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In my recent article On Turning The Other Cheek To ALIPAC's Bill Gheen, I noted that my original offer to North Carolina patriotic immigration reform activist Gheen, that we would publish a letter from him disputing our Washington Watcher's brief reference to his attempts to sabotage the June 5 pro-SB1070 Phoenix Rising rally, still stood.

Gheen has not exactly taken me up on this collegial offer. But I did receive an email from him on June 14 headed “Stick this on your website”:


I'll give you a few days to honor your promise to run my response on your website.

Let's see if your promises are as worthless as your smear piece.

Answering VDARE and Brimelow's Second Unprovoked Attack on ALIPAC

William Gheen

Well, it's not a letter. Still, I post Gheen's link anyway, above, to give readers the opportunity to compare both sides (something Gheen himself does not do).

I believe readers will note that Gheen has not responded to my points, but merely repeats his previous claims, louder. These include a disgraceful guilt-by-paranoid-association smear against youthful activist Dan Smeriglio (and, by extension, the great Tom Tancredo) that originated with the Stalinist One People's Project, which has more recently distinguished itself by celebrating the tragic death of the African American immigration patriot Terry Andersonwith the headline Terry Anderson, Rot In Hell!

It is simply impossible to regard this as a contructive contribution to the cause of patriotic immigration reform

I received many supportive emails in response to my article, including from former Gheen supporters who find they have been banned from commenting on his site for trying to reason with him. (Shades of fuhrerprinzip sites like FreeRepublic or Little Green Footballs!)

A couple of emails, however, expressed rather formulaic concern that I was washing the patriotic immigration reform's dirty laundry in public.

But this is exactly what i am attempting not to do. Let me repeat: although Gheen is apparently purging his site of all links to VDARE.COM, we will not remove our links to him or ALIPAC and we will continue to publicize his work when appropriate. For example, I applaud his description this week of whoever it was who leaked the names of 1,300 illegals in Utah as “heroes” and especially the fact that it gave Deepak Bhargava of the Huffington Post a hernia. I wish VDARE.COM had moved as fast. (But there are so many targets!)

Obviously VDARE.COM is compelled to respond to attempts to discredit us, especially when they involve an effort to sell us out to the Treason Lobby via triangulation.

But that doesn't mean that we—unlike Gheen, on current form—intend to drop nuclear bombs on anyone who dares disagree with us—above all when the disagreement is, frankly, ego-driven.

I take very seriously the ideal described by our Steve Sailer over six years ago in his review of the 2004 movie The Alamo (Thinking About The Alamo—And Those Self-Organizing Americans):

Americans were able to carve a Republic of Texas out of Mexico in just a couple of decades because of their talent for self-organizing, a knack that Mexicans seldom have down to this day.

The movie makes this American talent clear. The circumstances were certainly unpropitious within the Alamo: Several large and volatile personalities, each leading his own private army, were crammed together with almost no time to work out how they'd cooperate. And yet they did, putting up a unified 13 day defense that allowed Houston time to unite fractious units and capture Santa Anna six weeks later at the Battle of San Jacinto, freeing Texas from Mexico—permanently?

Of course, it's intensely irritating that Americans now have torepeat the achievements of the pioneers who created their great Republic out of a howling wilderness.

But it has to be done. And it will again need every ounce of their self-organizing capacities.

I call on Bill Gheen (email him) to put aside personal pique and join VDARE.COM in this great cause.

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