YouTube Contracts the "Indian CEO Virus" | VDARE Video Bulletin
March 10, 2023, 09:50 AM
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Yet again, an Indian is now in control of a major tech platform, and yet again, he proves how seriously the Indian CEO virus threatens free speech. This time, the Indian is Neal Mohan, born in Lucknow, and he’s the new CEO of YouTube. He was Chief Product Officer at YouTube until he took over from Susan Wojcicki on February 16.

Like Parag Agrawal, the former Twitter CEO who would have smashed free speech on that platform if Elon Musk hadn’t stopped him, YouTube’s new raja is no fan of unapproved speech. Two years ago, Mohan said opinionating from the “basement” had to be stopped. Be prepared for YouTube to hand control of its content to the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-free speech, pro-Great Replacement Mainstream Media.

In 2020, Protocol’s editor-at-large David Pierce asked whether YouTube is “slightly behind” when it comes to moderating content” because of the China Virus masking debate, Tom Parker reported at Reclaim The Net [YouTube: creators “espousing” opinions “in their basement” can’t provide context on the news, April 27, 2020]:

Only “authoritative voices” must be heard on YouTube, Mohan replied, because they, not someone in the “basement,” can provide the “context” viewers need to understand news and information. In this case, it was information about masks.

Thus, basement pundits must be censored:

I feel really strongly that when users are looking for this information, making sure that we’re raising up authoritative voices is important because the way that the question around masks would be covered by a credible sort of authoritative voice/channel is that there would be context, there would be explanations behind why a particular mask decision is made or not and so the user, the viewer of that content on our platform can make an informed decision for him or herself, as opposed to, you know, it’s somebody espousing their opinions about a mask, you know, in their basement. This is coming from an authoritative channel, a news source, a medical professional, and if that’s the case, we think there’s going to be some context that’s provided around the question of masks. And even if that guidance changes, it will be reflected in sort of how an authoritative voice or channel talks about it.

And so the censors would be ready to smash any opinion they didn’t like:

That’s where falling back to really raising up authoritative channels, videos from authoritative channels is important, and at the same time removing or reducing views of the videos where that same level of authority hasn’t been established.


In 2021, Mohan said that stopping “misinformation” was a “top priority” [New YouTube CEO Neal Mohan supports censorship of “misinformation,” boosting “authoritative” sources, by Tom Parker, Reclaim The Net, February 17, 2023].

Of course, who decides what material is “misinformation” is the critical question.

Indians are also in charge of these companies:

Here’s how rich and powerful these infiltrators are: When Twitter offered Mohan a job, YouTube parent Google paid him $100 million to stay [Google Said To Have High Level Mole At Twitter, Makes Massive Counteroffers To Retain Employees, by Michael Arrington, TechCrunch, April 6, 2011]. They paid Pichai $50 million.

Decide for yourself whether people with a reputation for amoral, ruthless authoritarianism, with no roots in this country, and no respect for its heritage of free speech and open, vigorous debate, should have this much money, this much power, and this much control over major tech platforms.

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