Venezuelans Seek Welfare in the U.S. After Communist Collapse | VDARE Video Bulletin
September 29, 2022, 02:58 PM
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Venezuelans are rushing to the United States following the disastrous effects communist leaders have had on their country.

But Ann Coulter writes on “How did Venezuela become communist again?”

They voted for it. Over and over again.

Beginning in 1998, Venezuelans ate up Hugo Chavez’s promise to take vengeance on the rich and redistribute their wealth to the poor, and, as promised, Chavez proceeded to seize private businesses, farms, and golf resorts.

Chavez continued to win a majority of the electorate until his death in 2013, whereupon he was promptly replaced with his successor, Nicolas Maduro.

Twenty years of Chavez’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equity produced, as Bloomberg put it in 2019:

“a country whose economy has collapsed... malnutrition and disease are soaring [and m]illions have emigrated to escape the grind of finding enough to eat, of living without reliable electricity or tap water,”

Venezuela is sitting on the largest oil reserves in the world, and the communists still couldn’t get it to work.

Now that their own choices have wrecked their country, they demand free admission into ours, and Democrats are inviting them in with the same promises made by Chavez:

Ann Coulter writes:

Perhaps, just this once, we should defer to the wisdom of our moral betters on Martha’s Vineyard and tell the Venezuelans: We love you! Now get the hell out.

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