FBI: Blacks Made Up 60.4% Of Known Murder Offenders In 2021 | VDARE Video Bulletin
October 07, 2022, 07:24 PM
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The 2021 uniform crime reporting statistics from the FBI have been released, and the black percentage of known murder offenders surged from a record 56.5% in 2020, to an insane 60.4% in 2021.

Steve Sailer writes on VDARE.com:

For complicated bureaucratic methodological reasons, there was a huge decline in cooperation by local police departments from the mid 80 percents in 2020, to 63 percent of U.S. law enforcement agencies in 2021. 

Among police departments not submitting data under the new, more complicated format are the NYPD and the LAPD.

As CNN reports, this year shows the lowest level of participation the FBI has reported since at least 1979, with only 52% of agencies submitting complete data for 2021.

So, as Steve Sailer suggests, this change may be due to a selection effect. Or it could really be due to the “racial reckoning” that the Establishment media declared after George Floyd’s death.

And do keep in mind, these numbers only include known homicide suspects. As an example, Chicago, IL has a murder clearance rate of only 50%. However, of those cases considered cleared, another 50% result in no charges for a variety of reasons. Meaning only about 25% of Chicago homicides lead to a suspect being identified and charged.

To put it simply: snitches get stitches, so the total number of black suspects, although unknowable for sure, is likely higher than reported.

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