Companies Push for "Racial Preference" in College Admissions | VDARE Video Bulletin
August 08, 2022, 06:17 PM
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100% anti-white corporate America is going all in on affirmative action. As Auron MacIntyre puts it on Twitter:

“Minorities are so oppressed that every major power center in America acted in unison to justify preferring them in employment and admissions.”

An article in the Wall Street Journal states that 82 companies are urging the Supreme Court to exercise racial preference for college admissions. The reason? Well they claim that diverse campuses are just better, creating “commercial innovation and business success”

But Paul Kersey writes for

Diversity just means fewer whites participating in [any] said activity. And Corporate America is fine with enshrining anti-white policies into law to maintain diversity as a sacred right in what’s left of our nation.

A quick rundown of corporations that have decided advancing anti-white policies in college admissions should be a Constitutionally protected endeavor includes airlines, payment processors, toymakers, and technology companies such as Google, Meta Platforms, Cisco, and Adobe Incorporated.

Click here for the full list of corporations publicly supporting racial discrimination against the Historic American Nation.

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