Black Lives Matter OUSTED by Back the Blue | Berkeley Springs, WV
August 24, 2020, 12:21 PM
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On Friday August 21st “The Berkeley Springs Allies”, a local leftist organization, scheduled a Black Lives Matter rally to “support community members of color”. Interestingly, the town of Berkeley Springs is only 0.82% black

Members of the community quickly voiced their concerns online of rioting and looting in the town, as seen for the last three months across America. Unlike Portland, Chicago, or New York City, locals across Morgan County didn’t sit by as marxist insurgents marched through their town square. The Mountaineer Warrior Alliance called upon all local patriots, motorcyclists, and Back the Blue supporters to defend the American Flag from public desecration. Approximately 500 protestors flooded Berkeley Springs Park. The vast majority attended to counter-protest Black Lives Matter.

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