Radio Derb: The 1965 Immigration Act, 50 Years On—LBJ’s Most Thoughtless Act Set Off A Demographic Revolution.
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01m03s— Fifty years of demographic revolution. (What came before the 1965 Immigration Act?)

09m22s— The Great Society’s most thoughtless act. (But what a grand moral gesture!)

19m57s— What’s wrong with demographic stability? (Are Americans better off for the 1965 Act?)

23m59s— Tax fatalism. (Excuse my cynicism.)

28m55s— Fall of the meritocracy. (What is a fair society?)

35m24s— Goodwhites jeer. (While feeding their token pet.)

38m32s— Remembering Ali-Frazier. (Another stretch of territory ceded.)

40m52s— Rushing the shooter. (It can be done.)

43m22s— Bad liver and a broken heart. (And your next Netflix rental.)

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