Radio Derb: #MeToo, Enoch Powell's speech, Looters, Rioters, and Ashli Babbitt, Etc.
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00:00  Intro — Trip down Memory Lane (continued)

02:01  2017 — Bill O’Reilly and Conquest’s Second Law

11:58  2018 — Enoch Powell’s speech at 50

20:48  2019 — More witches than Presbyterians

26:56  2020 — COVID: Numbers are of the essence

33:03  2021 — Asymmetry of indulgence

44:22  2022 — Globalist airheads pretending to be busy

51:50  2023 — Not persuasion but humiliation

1:00:40 2024 — Signoff

01—Intro.     And Radio Derb is on the air! Greetings, listeners, from your preposterously genial host John Derbyshire, this third weekend of April 2024.

Like last week's, this is one of my pre-recorded podcasts. It will go out on the airwaves April 19th, picking up where the April 12th edition left off.

If you listened to or read last week's you will remember that I was replaying Radio Derb segments from Aprils past, from April 2006 to April 2016. Today I pluck segments from the following years, 2017 to 2023—one segment from the third week of April each year.

That will complete our two-week trip down Memory Lane. Next week, April 26th, I shall be podcasting from the conference in Berkeley Springs, WV. Normal service will then resume with material that is farm-fresh, not frozen.

Let us, then, continue our voyage through the third week of Aprils past, as recorded for posterity by Radio Derb.


02—2017: Bill O'Reilly and Conquest's Second Law.     What's my attitude to the Me Too movement? One of deep skepticism.


03—2018: Enoch Powell's speech.     One of the great milestones in modern immigration patriotism was British politician Enoch Powell's Birmingham speech of 1968. April 20th 2018 was the fiftieth anniversary.


04—2019: More witches than Presbyterians.     I don't pontificate much about religion but in April 2019, with the next year's election at the back of my mind, I voiced some reflections.


05—2020: Numbers are of the essence.     In April 2020 we were flooded with news stories about the COVID pandemic. The main thing those stories were informative about was the innumeracy of journalists.


06—2021: Asymmetry of indulgence.     Looters, rioters, and Ashli Babbitt: the unfairness of it all.


07—2022: Globalist airheads pretending to be busy.     Radio Derb is not a dark pit of total negativity. I often make constructive suggestions, as here in April 2022 on Britain's immigration crisis.


08—2023: Not persuasion but humiliation.     Do politicians lie? Of course they do. Do they lie nowadays more than they used to? If so, why? I pondered it all a year ago.


09—Signoff.     As always, ladies and gents, thank you for listening, for your emails and your kind donations. Next week the podcast will return to using only farm-fresh material, nothing frozen. I shall be at the Berkeley Springs castle, attending's annual conference.

Very best wishes to all.


[Music clip: From Haydn's Derbyshire Marches]

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