Radio Derb: Congress at “Work”, Immigration News, Australia Shows the Way!, And Imaginary Racism, Etc
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01m46s  Our legislators at work.  (The omnibus bill.)

08m33s  Immigration: could be worse.  (White collars OK but blue collars hit.)

11m37s  Frog-boiling for dummies.  (Slowly, slowly.)

14m10s  Australia shows the way!  (Their illegals are now ours.)

17m32s  Racism, the patriarchy, and Rushton's Rule of Three.  (Only one is real.)

24m44s  Will the 2020s roar?  (The Human Nature Lab predicts.)

26m54s  A book on cancel culture gets … canceled!  (Revolution eats children.)

29m52s  Anarcho-tyranny watch.  (Who?-Whom? in Washington State.)

32m44s  The worst job you never had.  (Life imitates comedy.)

34m32s  Signout.  (It's still Christmas!)  

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