Zika Anchor Baby Update: Lifetime Healthcare Cost Will Be $1-10 Million
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A few days ago I noted the unwelcome arrival of America’s first Zika Anchor Baby. As a birthright citizen, the deeply damaged Honduran-American will be a drain on US taxpayers for its entire life, and now we have a dollar amount of that cost.

And the cost for America of being the free clinic to the third world does not come cheap in this case, according to an online briefing from the Kaiser Family Foundation:

The Zika Virus: What’s Next in the U.S. and Abroad?, February 17, 2016

Tom Frieden, M.D.: “Of note is that the Center for Birth Defects at CDC estimates that a child with birth defect can have a lifetime incremental cost of care of between 1 and 10 million dollars.”

The former New York Lt. Governor, Betsy McCaughey, is an expert on ObamaCare and was discussing the “loopholes” in the system that will allow illegal aliens to get taxpayer-subsidized care under the program in California when she brought up the Zika situation:
McCAUGHEY: [starting 1:00] “Let me be clear, despite what you’ve heard, there are many many programs in this health law, Obamacare, that are targeted directly to providing health care for illegal immigrants and the Obama administration already spent billions with a “B” — billions of dollars a year on health care for illegal immigrants: you’ve got the community help centers all across the country, federally funded, catering almost exclusively to illegal immigrants.

You’ve got emergency Medicaid, especially prenatal care, labor care, delivery care, almost exclusively for illegal immigrants. We’ve got prenatal care [crosstalk] and the cost is going to go way up, sadly, tragically, when who knows how many pregnant women from South America who are fearful of carrying the Zika virus arrive in the United States to give birth to a child. Their labor and delivery costs will be covered here, and the lifetime cost of caring for this tragically disabled care will be picked up by taxpayers because these children will be US residents.”

Zika mom’s story is changing: initially she said she was “visiting” her US-residing extended family — when she was eight months pregnant. Now it becomes clear that she came for the free stuff. Like all other illegal aliens, she is a liar and a thief.

Mother of Zika baby born in New Jersey says she flew to America to seek treatment after doctors in Honduras ‘underestimated’ her symptoms – and the U.S. citizen baby will cost AT LEAST $1million to treat, Daily Mail, June 5, 2016

The Honduran mother who delivered what is believed to be the first baby to be born with a Zika virus-related condition in the New York tri-state area flew to America to specifically seek treatment.

In an interview with Fox News Latino, the young mother whose name has not been released publicly, explained that her initial symptoms were ‘underestimated’ by medical doctors in her native land.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in February that it will cost at least $1million to treat a baby with Zika throughout their lifetime.

Mail Online contacted the US Customs and Border Patrol Agency who declined to comment about the woman’s immigration status along with the baby in question due to Privacy Act restrictions.

The 31-year-old woman told Fox News Latino that a rash appeared on her in December and that she was also feverish around the same time – both of which are symptoms of Zika.

She decided to see another doctor in the Central American nation, but then decided to seek treatment in the US and possibly entered the country on a tourist visa 33 days ago.

‘I told my gynecologist that I had an allergic episode,’ she said from her hospital bed at Hackensack University Medical Center.

‘He asked if I had a fever. I said I had had a little fever – but it was very brief, only for about an hour.’

In addition, the doctor in Honduras asked her if she had other symptoms, like redness or pain in her eyes. Those symptoms are often spoken about to health workers from people who have the virus.

‘I said no,’ the woman told Fox News. ‘He said, ‘Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I don’t think you will be affected.’ Then I had an ultrasound, and everything looked fine.’

She was eventually diagnosed with Zika in Honduras before she traveled to New Jersey, where she has relatives. It’s unclear exactly how far along she was in the pregnancy before she traveled to the US.

In addition, most US airlines do not restrict pregnant women from flying, but it is highly suggested that women who are closer to their due date do not board planes.

The woman, who is unsure of how she contracted the virus, said that it may have happened because of a mosquito bite. She gave birth to the baby girl that has intestinal and visual issues along with microcephaly by cesarean section on Tuesday at Hackensack UMC.

The Zika virus has been linked to microcephaly, which is when a baby’s head is smaller than expected due to the brain not developing properly.

Since the baby girl was born in New Jersey, she will automatically become a US citizen. It’s unclear if the mother has insurance or who is paying for the hospital costs.

According to the CDC, the estimated lifetime cost to treat a baby born with this condition that will require long-term care ranges from $1million to $10million.

Some babies with the condition can live normal lives, but most suffer from severe disabilities. . . (continues)

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