Your Next Hat—#MADA — Make Amnesty Die Again.
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The Audacious Epigone proposes a companion slogan-acronym to go with the Trump election campaign #MAGA.

The new one is #MADA — Make Amnesty Die Again.

We defeated the previous three pushes for amnesty in 20042006-7 and 2013 when, as I noted on Friday, the occupant of the White House was himself pushing much harder than Trump is likely to.  We'll defeat this one.

#MADA! — can we get some hats made up?

Audacious, by the way, uses the term "congresscritters," though he makes it two words.  I get occasional emails asking me if that is a Derb coinage.

I wish.  "Congresscritter" was a favorite usage by the sci-fi writer Jerry Pournelle, who left us the other day.  Jerry used the term in his contributions to Steve Sailer's HBD discussion group back in the last millennium; I picked it up from him there.

So was it Jerry who coined "congresscritter"?  (Or "congress critter," or "Congresscritter, or "Congress critter": Jerry wasn't consistent, and I don't think I am, either.)  Alas, he can't tell us.  Google Ngram has nothing to say.  Unless further evidence comes in, I'm going to credit Jerry with this usage, and by extension with my many riffs on it: congressreptile, congressroach, congressweasel, etc.

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