"Young Undocumented Immigrants Are Unafraid To Reveal Themselves". No Kidding?
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 Fox Latino website had an article last month entitled  "Young Undocumented Immigrants Are Unafraid To Reveal Themselves" (May 19th, 2012).   Big surprise, right?

But what it's referring to is an  organized  movement to openly declare illegal status and demand the right to stay.   But aren't most of them staying anyway?   Well, yes, but this is just another way to make a mockery of American sovereignty and make heroes out of lawbreakers. 

Here are some excerpts:

She was small, trembling and looked so very vulnerable. Barely 15, she had already experienced a lifetime of hardships since losing her mother at 5 and crossing the desert with her father.  She clutched a microphone before a crowd in New York's Union Square.  "My name is Diana," she said. "I am undocumented and unafraid."With those words last March, another young woman stepped "out of the shadows."

It began several years ago, tentatively, almost furtively, with a few small rallies and a few provocative T-shirts. In the past two years it has grown into a full-fledged movement, emboldening thousands of young people, terrifying their parents, and unsettling authorities unsure of how to respond.

From California to Georgia to New York, children of families who live here illegally are "coming out" — marching behind banners that say "undocumented and unafraid," staging sit-ins in federal offices, and getting arrested in the most defiant ways — in front of the Alabama Capitol, outside federal immigration courts and detention centers, in Maricopa County, Ariz., home of the sworn enemy of undocumented immigrants, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In "outing" their families as well as themselves, they know they risk being deported.

Really?  How much chance of that is there? 

And so they are escalating their protests, testing the Obama administration's professed new policy of "prosecutorial discretion," designed to focus on the deportation of known criminals, not students or immigrants with no criminal record.

Some have been arrested, but apparently not a one has been deported.

"...when these young activists band together — with lawyers lined up and plenty of media coverage — they are let go.


They are winning some powerful support. There is now well-connected network of immigration lawyers, educators and other professionals offering their services for free. And last summer, at a boisterous "coming out" rally in Atlanta, civil rights veteran Rep. John Lewis of Georgia chanted "undocumented and unafraid" and told a cheering throng of young people that he was prepared to get arrested with them.

ICE issues a standard statement after such arrests and rallies, saying its new approach to enforcement "includes targeting criminal aliens and those who put public safety at risk, as well as those who threaten border security and the integrity of the immigration system." The new ICE policy, adopted a year ago, also calls for agents to consider how long someone has been in the country and whether that person's spouse or children are U.S. citizens.

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