Yet Another Eyferth Study Sighting
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From The New Yorker:

None of the Above What I.Q. doesn’t tell you about race. by Malcolm Gladwell

 December 17, 2007

....And it shouldn’t make much of a difference where a mixed-race child is born. But, again, it does: the children fathered by black American G.I.s in postwar Germany and brought up by their German mothers have the same I.Q.s as the children of white American G.I.s and German mothers. The difference, in that case, was not the fact of the children’s blackness, as a fundamentalist would say. It was the fact of their Germanness–of their being brought up in a different culture, under different circumstances.

Judging by how often this unreplicated 1961 study gets cited in 2007, you'd have to say that one side in this debate is a little short on evidence.

Anyway, I just had time to skim Malcolm's new piece looking for Eyferth so I can't say how good it is overall. It's a review of James Flynn's recent book, so that's a good omen. Malcolm's modus operandi is essentially to fall into a deep, credulous infatuation with whichever social scientist he's writing about, but, fortunately, Flynn is a worthy subject, a gentleman and a scholar. So, hopefully, Malcolm won't go too far off the rails this time.

Here's my review of Flynn's book from last Labor Day, which both Dr. and Mrs. Flynn liked very much. And here's my preview of the 2006 Flynn-Murray debate. And here's my 2006 article with graphs showing that the long-assumed Flynn-effect convergence in IQs hasn't happened yet on a global scale.

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